Love Me And All My Flaws


She’s curses quick and loudly. He whispers cruel one liners. She thinks he cheats on her. He cheated on every girl he had except her. She’s happy with the dollar menu. He’s happier serving her 4 course meals. She’ll spend dollars on loose cigarettes. Hell just walk to the store to get her a pack. She allows her enemies to disrupt her day. He prays for the haters because they know now what they do. She’ll lose a day to chase money. He’ll plan his day so the money chases them both. She plans to purchase from her online shopping cart next month. He’ll two day prime her gifts just because. She loves his mind. He sees her potential. She wants to sleep in late. He makes her start grinding early so she can get back in bed by 10. She wants to be a professional. He’s her tutor. She makes him take his meds and go to the doctor. He heals her soul with love and understanding. She said she would never leave him. He patiently waits for her. She said if he leaves she would kill him. He increased his life insurance policy. Her Dad f***s with him. His Mom loves her. She’s 22 with a past. He’s 37 with a history. She said I Do. He has a best friend.