Pills, Pills, Pills


Is today’s pill popper tomorrow’s dope fiend? Okay, we get it already, you like to pop molly with Xanax and wake up to a Percocet. Is that all you do? Is that all you offer to the hip hop community? In the 90’s and early 2000’s Bone Thugs N Harmony made some of sauciest songs about weed smoking and Ecstasy. We all knew Trick Daddy smoked dirty and 3 6 Mafia were definitely higher than a lil bit. The difference is that these highly respected hip hop groups and artists’ music had substance. Each track blessed our ears and lifestyles with stories that inspired emotions outside of the one choice of, “all we do is get high.”

Yes, I have had my experiences with prescription pills. Some were great, and some had me straddling living life. No xans for me, ever again, but one thing for sure I let people know about the full circle of the effects.

Is the younger generation aware or even care about the long-term effects of opiates and how many pill poppers end up shooting dope in their veins? It’s kind of hard to judge someone for shooting heroine if opiates are a part of your daily regiment by personal choice with no medical reasoning’s to back it.

All I’m trying to say is if you’re going pop pills, pop pills responsibly. I’m pretty sure you don’t want your kids born with birth defects. And honestly, so many people in their early 20’s on pills already look 30 plus. Take care of yourself now or the local drug dealer will.