“Guys, this is happening today. If we’re ever going to do something responsible where art has the ability to influence people’s awareness, impact the lives of these people, don’t dilute it. Don’t water it down. It’s got to be uncomfortable. It is uncomfortable. It’s miserable. It’s distasteful. It’s horrifying. But if you’re not going to do it, don’t do the movie,” is a quote Sylvester Stallone’s Collider interview about why to film 2008’s Rambo. Rambo depicts a humans raw emotions and the reasonings for why he as an adult lives life a certain way. Through forms of self-medication he has been able to live a peaceful life to deal with the world he was forced to survive. Upon arrival of military personnel, Rambo always finds the urge to saves lives which creates painful flashbacks and more painful current situations which act as a cancer to his personal health and well being. Although his military career has over saturated his life with killings, abandonment and rejection, Rambo continues to want to grow peacefully to remove the negative energy that war brings. Skill trade, honor, respect, revenge, family, friendship, love, loneliness and war have caused Rambo to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    Rambo is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that began from his exit of the bayous of Louisiana continuing through each of his tours of the Vietnam War. He has a series of stressors that are related to his tours in Vietnam.


    Witnessing trauma such as death by violence, poverty and persons being captive created a dark space that Rambo deals with emotionally on a daily basis. The stressors are also caused when people that he has relationships with are in direct pain and suffrage. His professional duties as a soldier has placed Rambo in a environment with stressors on multiple occasions. 


    Intrusion symptoms occur when Rambo is in contact with people that are destructive and enjoy making others uncomfortable through physical and mental abuse. If Rambo chooses to have to defend people that cannot defend themselves Rambo has reoccurring thoughts of people that were important to him throughout his military career as well as visions from those people that caused pain to others.


    Rambo chooses to avoid coming home to the United States due to personal and emotional battles with the Vietnam War and the United States Armed Forces. His negative alteration is the reality that war brings death and killers and he himself is also a killer. The arousal and reactivity is the risky and destructive behavior he showcases during battles. The duration of PTSD with Rambo is long-term and is not associated alcohol or drug use. 


    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has become a name with the legacy of Vietnam War. John Rambo had spent much of his adult life in the poor, tyranny ran country of Vietnam. He is originally from Louisiana. His mother is not alive. He has no wife or children. His father could be alive but Rambo does not know his father. His past experiences in the military as well as his personal life have had several occurrences with dis-honor, lack of loyalty and integrity which goes against important factors that a Unites States solider embraces. His reality that love and friendship is not guaranteed bothers Rambo. In his own mind, his life plays in his mind constantly on a repeat and shuffle playlist. Each time that he finishes a mission and finds peace Rambo is brought back into a moment of war.

    PTSD also originates from a lack of human interaction in the war filled trenches he survived through. His knowledge of urgent self-preservation such as locating lice missiles, traveling throughout the jungle and weaponry does not allow Rambo to create distance in his current life from the days and nights of Vietnam. After his current search and rescue mission, Rambo post-traumatic stress disorder became active again.

    With Rambo not having a positive family structure, his connection to love and understanding is often non present unless affection is shown to him first. The cause of this lack of nurturing and family involvement is Rambo choosing to serve for the good of people despite the physical and mental consequences. Loneliness places much unexplainable time for Rambo to become addicted to his own horrid stories that he has lived while serving the United States Armed Forces. Without a current longterm strong relationship with anyone, Rambo is living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder beginning from his first military and/ or his childhood/ adolescence years of life.


    Rambo’s prognosis is very difficult to determine because he has seen so much destruction and abandonment. He made a choice to move back home to Louisiana and that alone can help begin process of Rambo living a healthy lifestyle. Due to his lack of constant positive human interactions for decades, Rambo will have to slowly adapt to living in a community while being able to live in a place that is peaceful.


    Rambo will have a high probability of living life as a single man and may never have children. He will constantly have a defensive guard for women and children but his anxiety attacks will make meeting women and people in general more difficult than not.


    Living in Vietnam and other regions near by, the long-term effects on his health are twenty and more years. Having conversations and sharing in social activities will be slow at first. Going from living in the jungle to living in the cyber area can be positive if he refrains from negative and violent blogs. He should not view videos or articles about war because his anxiety level may tremor nightmares, confusion and possible acts of violence.


    Rambo may never be able to live as an outgoing individual. He needs personal growth and small challenges to create new positive memories in his life. Rambo did make the first step by changing his environment to live with his chronic disease.


    Behavioral addiction is the first issue Rambo will need to improve. Until he receives a full health screening prescription drugs may not be the best option especially until he is screened by a neurologist. He would also need to keep pleasures constant and chances to engage in arguments very low.


    Being that Rambo has acres of land with horses in a remote area, he should use agriculture and animals as his form of therapy. From his caring for animals he can begin to start a family structure relationship. Learning how to deal with emotions and having routine responsibilities with the animals, Rambo will be able to create new memories while learning how to deal with different personalities without involving violence and pain.


    The agriculture on the farm will be a source of therapy. Planting seeds and nurturing their growth will allow Rambo to deal with timing and actions and reactions of his own life. For example, seasonal plants will allow Rambo to understand how certain obstacles are only a way of life that is not controlled by him such as flowers blooming in summer, withering away in winter and returning in spring. These concepts will prepare Rambo to enjoy life and not just survive through life.

    In conclusion, Rambo became a victim of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder while protecting his military family, persecuted civilians of Vietnam and the regional areas including the group bringing aid to those people. Although skill trade, honor, respect, revenge, family, friendship, love, loneliness and war have caused Rambo to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, his desire to live with peace and help others in need does give him the possibility of living a positive life with his disease. The fiction of Rambo has many non-fiction story lines showing lives are affected by war and a lack of family structure. Without the family structure and several let downs from past comrades Rambo had either forgotten he had a home or just couldn’t think of a valid reason to go back home. Upon seeing his name on his mail box, the horses and land, Rambo now has a fair chance at living a healthier life and lifestyle with the disease Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.