Waking Up Black


The world is not the same when your skin is like mine. Why should I have I have to show identification while at my own property? Could you not fathom the idea that my family and I purchased and posted the No Trespassing Sign.

So you really want to live 24 hours in our skin. Turn off the hip hop radio, dress yourself in business attire, speak clear English and then justify why you are being arrested for questioning why your civil rights were violated. Then when they find out that you work with law enforcement the charges are dropped and the police chief promises to retrain the officers.

So when does having dreads and gold teeth equal fear for safety to shoot and kill unarmed black and brown people. If I have a right to bear arms why are you in fear and choose to kill me when I was living my life legally.

I should not have to leave my home knowing that my life will be violated because of the color of my skin. Are we living in a cell therapy?