Carl Beech’s Westminster Paedophile Ring Trial Starts


Carl Beech, picture sourced from The Metro

Paedophiles, paedophiles, paedophiles, BEWARE PAEDOPHILES are everywhere.

In a week in which ‘paedophiles’ are never out of the headlines; with a new ‘paedophile’ suspect identified in the infamous Madeleine McCann disappearance and 40 arrests in the Rotherham by the National Crime Agency (NCA), smashing a child-abuse grooming ring; a court case starts in Newcastle this week, which is set to last for several months.

All about paedophiles

Ex-Health Care Manager, Carl Beech, 51 from Gloucester, faces 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of fraud. His trial opened at Newcastle Crown Court this week and jurors were warned they face a “long trial” if selected.

Operation Midlands to Yewtree Investigation

Having spawned the Operation Midlands Investigation, which cost the Metropolitan police £2.5 million, and closed in 2017, without any arrests; Carl Beech, aka ‘Nick’, is charged with making up child sex abuse claims, and fraudulently receiving £22,000 in compensation after claiming he had been sexually abused by the alleged paedophile ring, involving prominent figures in politics, the military, security services and entertainment.

Ted Heath Prime Minister

Having accused Ted Heath of being a murderous paedophile, who dumped dead boy’s bodies over the side of his Morning Cloud yachts, to Leon Brittan raping boys at paedophile parties at the Dolphin Square apartments, to politicians like Harvey Proctor and Lord Janner committing gross indecencies and even murder, during disturbing sex games involving young men; Carl Beech maintains his innocence.

Seen as a sexual child-abuse champion standing up against a paedophile infested political establishment; to a sick fantasist, who lied for his own financial and psychological reasons, Carl Beech’s trial is set to shine light on the otherwise murky and hidden world of Parliamentary indecency.

What about Ben Fellows?

In July 2015 at the Old Bailey in London, an ex-child actor called Ben Fellows, walked free, having been cleared of perverting the course of justice, by claiming he was sexually assaulted by the former Conservative chancellor and father of the House of Commons, Kenneth Clarke, while working undercover for the ITV’s The Cook Report.

Ben Fellows – Picture sourced from The Guardian

If found guilty of perverting the course of justice, Carl Beech would vindicate all politicians, ever accused of sexual misconduct. If found not guilty, then politicians will find themselves in the firing line again, having to defend themselves from committing the most hideous crimes, any person can commit.