Queen Elizabeth II in Danger


King John Wanoa

In a nation where the secret services of Her Majesty’s government sleep soundly at night, confident they have their eyes on the countries most wanted; a new threat to Her Majesty’s Kingdom appears to have crept up on them, without anyone noticing.

A New Threat to National Security

With the dust of the local elections slowly settling, with the Tories and Labour licking their wounds after massive defeats, as opposed to the jubilation of the election winners, the Liberal Democrats and Green’s; a new national security threat appears to have crept up unseen by politicians and political observers.

Voter Apathy, Rebellion or Poverty?

Take for example what happened in Brighton. In the poorest regions of the city, Moulsecoomb and Bevendean, the voter turnout was the lowest at a dismal 27%, where-as in the more exclusive suburbs of Brighton, such as Preston Park, the voter turnout was 53%.

This shows that no matter how much money one has in his or her purse or wallet; there are just as many people, (if not more); who don’t buy into the concept of democracy and don’t consent to be governed by Her Majesty’s representatives.

The Revolution will be Silent

Championed by the US President Donald Trump, the established news corporations of today are now called ‘Fake News;’ while those we would have labelled lunatics and snake-oil merchants yesterday, are now being called the ‘Bearers of Truth’ and find themselves leading a revolution, unrivaled in human history.

It takes a Monarch to dethrone a Monarch

Attracting tens of thousands of viewers on a daily basis, with more and more people tuning into the Alternative Media for their news, views and opinions; a new legion of men and women are gaining fame and notoriety within this emerging sub-culture.

Leading the silent revolution are New Zealand born King John Wanoa and British born Andy Devine, now an ex-pat living in Greece. With a cast of whistle-blowers, singers, artists, equality lawyers and an army of veterans; the 50% plus of voters who aren’t registered with the electoral commission, are stretching their muscles, and making their move.

Andy Devine

A New £970 Million Trillion Trillion Economy

Uniting behind their King William IV Monarch Trading flag, and demanding free passage across the world, King John Wanoa is claiming the King William IV Trust Fund, which in today’s money is about £970 million trillion trillion.

A New Hydrogen Based Economy

A Monarch of the Rogan Royal Dynasty, King John Wanoa is the inventor of Moai Tidal Energy. Delivering free energy via turbine engines attached to the sea bed, Moai Tidal energy is posed to free the world from the confines of carbon/petrol based energy supply, and by converting tidal electricity to liquid Hydrogen, literally propel Man to the Moon and beyond to Mars.

Denied Entry

King John Wanoa was recently denied entry into the UK, on the grounds he was a threat to the Queen. According to King John, time has ran out for the Queen, and he’s on his way to set up his King’s Bench.

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