#BlueLight Awareness Day


Well, it was here and gone without a lot of coverage from main stream media.

California celebrated it’s first Blue Light Awareness Day October 10th to highlight the dangers of emissions.

The program was backed by California state senator Dr. Richard Pan.

Since California, “is most known for being a thought leader that often drives international precedent,” a spokesperson said, “officials are anxious that other states will soon follow suit.”

Maryland’s legislature unanimously passed the “Health and Safety Best Practices Digital Devices” bill, which was then signed into law. The bill requires the Maryland State Department of Education to make a list of best practices to regulate how students interact with screens in schools.

While the consumer use of electronic devices has exploded worldwide in the past 20 to 30 years, the amount of time behind the computer daily for children and adults increased dramatically, along with symptoms of eye strain, and the subsequent dry eyes, circadian rhythm disruption, fatigue, and memory loss.

A Texas family has launched a campaign aimed at warning parents and kids about the dangers of #BlueLight.

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LUCIA VISION co-founders, also father and daughter Daniel and Liz Huber are behind LUCIAEYES.com and a PSA effort to outfit every family in the US with properly fitted #BlueLight minimizing day- and night-time eyewear.

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While you await your pair of glasses, the Huber’s have the following tips for families.

  1. Get more sleep. This is probably the biggest priority. More and more people are getting less sleep, and they’re using their devices beyond a traditional bedtime, to catch up on news or social media or study. Sleep deprivation affects mood, and thus everyone surrounding you. Sleep deprivation numbers for US children rose 33% over a five-year time frame starting in 2006. Sleep deprivation’s effects are insidious—it makes you less alert, causes headaches, increases mistakes, and zaps your energy.
  2. Turn all devices off two hours before bedtime. Nighttime blue-light emissions from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop are where the most potential damage can happen. A Harvard Medical School study recommends that everyone (man, woman, and child) power off devices two hours before bedtime–and stick to it, even if you “just want to look something up” don’t. And, if you like reading before bedtime, choose a traditional book or magazine rather than using an e-reader.
  3. Slide down the brightness of your screen. You’re not alone; many people keep their screen brightness on max, no matter what time of day. Once you’ve adjusted the slider, the brightness compensation is not based on the viewer’s perspective.
  4. Delay and monitor your children’s smartphone usage. Unless it’s absolutely imperative your child has a smartphone, put off giving them one as long as you can. A massive increase in nearsightedness has been associated with overexposure to blue-light emissions through mobile phones or tablets.  Among adolescents, the highest ownership is in Asia—a 2017 study revealed 85% of young South Koreans had smartphones, compared with 50% for US adolescents. Parents should be aware of the potential, and perhaps secret, use of the device after bedtime. Make it a habit to collect devices two hours before bedtime, and only return the devices in the morning.
  5. Return to the days of television watching or passive (and distant) viewing. TV not only emits less blue light, but the distance between viewer and device, and lack of interaction is valuable. Distance, is also an issue, albeit a limited fix for smartphone and tablet use. If adults hold their devices too close to their faces (thus increasing exposure), children’s smaller arms make that distance even closer. A television is naturally farther away.

The Huber’s hope you keep these tips in mind and relax a bit, give your eyes the break they deserve. Be sure to follow Luciaeyes on social media.