Massachusetts Medium Assists In Missing Man Case


June Edward known as the Massachusetts Medium” is assisting in the search for a 61-year-old Barnstable Maine man.

Floyd E. Black hasn’t been seen since August 9th when he walked away from a residence in Barnstable. #JuneEdwardMassachusettsMedium assists in search for missing man

His Family in nearby Falmouth reports he has Alzheimers and Edward believes he may be in danger.

Edward says Black isn’t making matters simple for Police as he’s hiding and with his military training he is able to elude those who simply want to help bring him home.

” Mr. Floyd is confused, has dementia, scared and is purposely avoiding contact with law enforcement” says Edward.

His last confirmed sighting was in Barnstable, according to Famouth Police Lieutenant Douglas M. DeCosta.

Edward believes he may have now made his way to the Cambridge Boston area.#MassachusettsMediumJuneEdwards

She says “He tries to hide as much as possible” and is working with family daily to find him.

Floyd is white, 5 feet, 8 inches tall, 160 pounds, and has auburn hair and blue eyes.  Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Falmouth police at 774-255-4527.


Edward has assisted Police in other cases over the years and according to Psychology Today those with psychic abilities help Investigator daily and utilized by Police Detectives across the Country.

Police are continuing their search for Floyd.

“There have been numerous reports of Floyd being seen in Falmouth, as well as other Cape Cod communities, over the past several days,” Lt. DeCosta said. “All these reports have been followed up on and have been found to be either a case of mistaken identity or couldn’t be confirmed. We will continue to vigorously follow up on any reports of him being seen in Falmouth with the goal of reuniting Floyd with his loved ones.”