Analog Anyone ? Film Photography Is Making A Comeback !


Long Live Film

Its a rallying cry among so many of us who love analog photography. Me, personally, I love using vintage cameras from the 1950 era and the only way to do that is to shoot film. I love it, I love the process, I love the solitude of working in the darkroom.

I started back in high school like so many other artists. Then onto college and then onto my staff job at a daily newspaper. then digital comes in and changes everything. fast, quick results, no chemicals, no darkroom, no privacy the entire job changed. I had to learn this thing called photoshop. the first digital camera was the NC 2000. It was a beast of a cobbled together camera and computer. I hated it. It changed everything I loved about film photography.

I promised myself when I retired I would go back to my first passion of film photography in vintage cameras. Well here we are so many years later where I can do that. I love the hunt of finding vintage gear at estate sales. I can usually pick up a gem for less than $100 and bring it back to life with a roll of film and a little cleaning.

My collection keeps growing and I spend more time collecting than I do using them. That will change this summer. I have a few road trips planned for nothing but analog photography. I cant wait to hit the open road this summer!

For those of you wanting to experiment with film photography look into Lomography and the Holga. You can jump in for a small investment of a plastic camera and some film. The expense is in the lab bill or if you are adventurous you can develop the film yourself.

There are lots of places you can read up on all of this, I am writing to you today to on more of an emotional level, to share the joy of my passion. Maybe get you hooked on a new hobby and maybe even a career!

F8 And Be There