Cop To It: Inside An NYPD Officer’s Murder Plot

Valerie Cincinelli and husband Isaiah Carvalho Jr. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

An NYPD officer sits in jail because of a murder-for-hire plot she formed against her ex-husband and her lover’s daughter. Valerie Cincinelli’s fellow officers had been tracking the plot for a while.

Cincinelli withdrew $7,000 from a TD Bank around Valentine’s Day and gave it to her boyfriend. While that would have been a nice gift, it was so he could pay a hit man. She desperately wanted her ex, Issiah Carvalho Jr., killed as soon as possible.

It seemed as if the boyfriend, who remained unnamed in court documents, was on board with the nefarious plan. That is until Cincinelli decided that his teenage daughter needed to be killed as well. Someone took Game of Thrones a little too seriously.

Impatient For Murder

For those who haven’t ever hired a hitman, it takes a while for the murder to happen. Cincinelli was tired of waiting after a few weeks and had a tantrum. She asked her boyfriend, “Did you do it yet?”

When he said no, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She decided how the murder of Carvalho Jr. should be done. The murder should take place “in the ghetto,” so “it would not look suspicious.” Nothing says innocent like an ex and a step-daughter being killed relatively close together.

Cincinelli wanted her boyfriend’s offspring killed fast too. When she was told it couldn’t happen near the school, the former officer lost her temper. “Run her the f–k over, how about that,” The faux mafia boss snapped.

Photo Credit: Robert Stridiron

Motives For Murder

Why would Cincinelli want people killed? Assistant U.S. Attorney Lauren Gatz says Cincinelli has “a history of violence and volatile relationships.” Not such a shock when the relationships with her exes are examined.

A quick search shows Carvalho and another ex-husband filed for restraining orders. The reasons for the request were not immediately available. However, it is very telling the men felt it necessary to ask for them.

As for why Cincinelli wanted her lover’s daughter dead, it seemed as if the offspring was in her way. The NYPD officer wanted to get married but the daughter did not seem to be on board with it.

Murder Most Provable

May 8, 2019, Cincinelli’s boyfriend told her the murder of Carvalho happened. Her first thought was to make sure she was covered. She asked her man, “what her alibi would be if she were to be questioned by the police.” Nothing says grief like making sure an alibi is in place.

In order to prove Carvalho was dead, the boyfriend showed her a text purportedly from the hitman. The message contained a picture of her ex dead in his car.

This was followed with a visit from a Suffolk County detective who “confirmed” Carvalho’s death. Cincinelli cried crocodile tears and make a show about being upset her ex’s died.

Judge Jails Murderer

Carvalho wasn’t really dead, of course. Law enforcement officers had warned him about the plot on his life. Shortly after the ruse, Cincinelli was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill her ex and the daughter of her boyfriend.

Appearing in court, Cincinelli wore a maroon “PINK” sweatshirt and neon green sweat pants. She pleaded not guilty and was denied bail. Her Federal Defender argued for bail but the Judge denied it. Judge Anne Shield said; “There is very strong evidence of guilt of the crimes of trying to get these two individuals murdered.”

Dad Defends Murderer

Not everyone believes Cincinelli is guilty of the crimes she stands accused of. Her father thinks this is all a set up by the boyfriend. His defense, “They were married, they have a kid together. … There is no way on the planet my daughter would have someone try to murder him. That’s nonsense!” Because married people never try to kill their spouse. Simply unheard of.

He goes on to say the boyfriend has a history of making police reports against his daughter. “This jackass made allegations about her, and I’m sure he’s behind this.” Maybe he missed all of the evidence the courts have against his daughter.