Family Feud: Bitcoin, Murder, and A Terrible Secret

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Family dramas usually play out and end with a hug. An understanding is made at the end that the mistake won’t happen again. Invariably it does, time and again. What about when that mistake is paying a hitman to kill your stepmother? That might be a tad more difficult to pull off. At least one wold assume.

To say it would make Thanksgiving awkward is to say you’ve never brought a partner home for the holidays. Everything is amplified. But hiring a hitman on the dark web to ensure your stepmother is killed, not even dad jokes can make that funny.

Family Drama

Beau Brigham and his stepmother Laurie have a very fraught relationship. Going back to when Laurie was just the girlfriend of Beau’s father. Things racheted up a notch after Jeff Brigham died in 2011. Any good will between Laurie and her former husband’s sons was destroyed.

In 2015, Beau and his older brother Brandon, sued their stepmother. While details of the case are not known, the lawsuit ended with the brothers winning “a significant judgement” against her. One might think that she would be the one trying to off her stepsons.

But Beau’s anger runs deeper than just whatever the lawsuit was for. Allegedly, he was very ill. For a long period of time. He says that Laurie was letting him die, “She left her own son to f—— die for four years. Who does that?” And that is where the trouble began.

Tor Ever

At some point, Beau decided to look into the dark web. Specifically, he downloaded the Tor browser. That allowed him access to the internet away from Facebook, Google, Pornhub. If Tor were a person, it would be the drug dealing uncle. Sounbds cool. But is really a mess and will give youaway at any point.

One of the ways that Tor tries to stay anonymous is by only accepting payments in bitcoin. As with Tor, bitcoin is a bit left of center. There are no governmental bodies regulating t, and almsot anything can be found and bought with it. In Manhattan, there are stores based around only accepting bitcoin.

Bitcoin Difference

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. All the proof that is needed is that Facebook is joining the congregation of traders, even wanting to sell it’s own product. Leave it to “Dad” to make something uncool.

After the Beau Brigham story, there might have been some concerns in any case. Why? Because Beau bought somewhere between $3.50 and $5 in bitcoin. Nothing wrong with that and he did want to secure the hit. What might make people think twice is that Beau got caught becauise he had to upload his Driver’s License in order to buy the cryptocurrency.

The Hitman Myth

The Dark Web offers services that no one else does, because they are illegal. Beau had probably researched the dark web and came up to a story about a welathy indivisual who hiured a hitman. What makes the story special is that he claims that he was the targetof the hitman.

CBS seems to have debunked the myth in an episode of 48 Hours. Yet, like with everything on the internet it will live on well past the time we have died. The story seems to have come from a creative writer (Big Surprise!) and one who thinks that something like this would be intriguing. It makes a great thriller of sorts.

But it’s not hard to see how a younger person would be sucked into the world and think a hitman would solve all their problems. But it only leads to more issues.

Family Trials

Beau was arrested on August 15, 2018 and arraiged a day later. He plead not guilty to the charge of Soliticiing Murder. Detectives say that when he was in custody he confessed to everything: “He finally says, ‘You’re right. OK, I did it. I sent those (messages),’”

Seems like that would make it an open and shut case right? Not so fast. Ilan Funke-Bilu says there is more to this story than what meets the eyes. “When we go to trial, I think my client will be vindicated quickly,” Funke-Bilu said. “He’s not guilty, and we’re going to fight this as vigorously as we can and as heartily as we can.” Remember when Beau sued his stepmother and how he’s sick? Funk-Bilu decided to use that as part of his defense strategy.
It may work but many of the expert witnesses have been sidelined because of their visas. This has caused the trial to back up a bit.
It also appears to be the first trial of its kind….