FBI and Detroit Police Investigating Dead Baby Cemetery

Photo Credit: Bill Bresler | hometownlife.com

FBI and Detroit are investigating Knollwood Cemetery in Canton, Michigan. They have yet to release a statement to the press about why they are conducting the search. Many people on WXYZ’s Facebook hypothesized it was in connection to Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance. That does not appear to be the case.

Knollwood Cemetery has been in investigators crosshairs since at least December of 2018. While looking into another funeral home, Knollwood came to the attention of law enforcement. After obtaining a subpoena, police found 27 containers of children and baby remains. Reports indicate they found more than 300 unidentified bodies. It is believed they are looking for more bodies with this search.

Bad Faith

“I would never have imagined a case like this, and it’s not over. It’s it going to take us next?” Detroit Police Chief James Craig said back in December. The case has riveted the Motor City, with residents wondering what would come next. The answer seems to be forthcoming with the developments today.

More than a dozen of the dead fetus’ found did not have the correct documentation. There were no death certificates for the babies nor any other identification records. A manager for the cemetery declined to comment about the situation.

Punishment and Further Investigations

The probe was the result of another investigation. Detroit Police were looking into allegations about Perry Funeral Home when Knollwood Cemetery came to their attention. The two companies were colluding with one another. Taking bodies without the permission of the families of the deceased.

For their part in the crimes, Knowllwood was fined $135,000. Many of their services were also shut down by the State of Michigan. Services like burials, pre-planned funerals, and storing corpses.

The silver lining up to this point for the management of Knollwood, no charges. Craig said that Knollwood managers “demonstrated a lack of integrity to protect the public and a lack of good moral character.” However, the Police Chief also said, “They’re no criminal allegations against the management companies that manage both Gethsemane and Knollwood.”

That could change with the newest investigation.