Florida Man Arrested For Having Cocaine on Nose

Photo Credit: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

“I didn’t do it!” A child will shout at their parents, despite being caught in the act. This Florida man took the child’s act of defiance and tried it out on the police. The end result was probably not what he was hoping for.

Police made a routine pullover at 4:30 on Sunday morning. Since that’s the time when drunk drivers are likely to be out, after partying hard at the bar and eating greasy food that will kill their stomachs later, it makes sense for cops to be on the lookout. 20-year-old Fabricio Tueros Jimenez was a passenger in the car. When asked about the white substance on his nose, he told the cops it wasn’t his.

It’s Not Mine

For some reason, the minds of the cops went straight to cocaine on Jimenez’s nose and not powder from a donut. Or powdered sugar. Perhaps it was his blurry-eyed look or his stumbling around that gave them their first clue that this was not a baking confection. The insistence that it wasn’t his cocaine might have amused them but also been another piece of evidence. Jimenez would have been better just confessing and letting the Xanax pills fall where they might.

Since Jimenez gave them probable cause to search the car and his person, the officers did. The coke on his nose was just a fraction of what he had. On his body police found: a small bag of cocaine, 250 grams of weed, and 13 Xanax pills. Either Jimenez was partying or he has an anxiety disorder that would kill the rest of the world.

Not His First Snort

For the record, the police did a swab of the substance on his nose and it was indeed cocaine. This was not the first time Jimenez had been arrested on a drug charge. In August of 2018, police had pulled him over and had found a massive amount of drugs.

That time, he admitted to being the owner of the drugs. Some have referenced his proud attitude back then. A jury did not find this something to be proud of and convicted him. So the recent arrest was a violation of his probation stemming from that.

He is set to go before a Judge later this week. Once let back out, it’s clear he will fall headfirst into a line of confection sugar. Yep, powder from a donut. And it won’t be his.