Florida Man Grills Wendy’s Burger Steals Money

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Do you want fries with that? One Florida man was so hungry that he could not wait until the restaurant reopened for his Wendy’s fix. What is one to do when the craving for a Frosty hits. Really, it’s the hamburger chain’s fault for being so delicious.

As with most “Florida Man” crimes, the motives are not simple. These are complex human beings that have desires that most of us would not understand. Or they live in Florida and live under a different set of rules than the rest of us, you decide.

In With A Brick

As World Pride weekend kicks off, we are reminded that original protestors used bricks to ward off NYPD. Our Florida man used bricks to gain access to the Wendy’s. Both were technically crimes, one started a revolution for gay rights and the other adds to the plethora of jokes about the wacky tendencies of Floridian men committing crimes.

This Florida man broke a window with a brick and allowed himself entry into the Jensen Beach area restaurant. After getting in, he fired up the grill and threw a hamburger on. Robbing people is hard, and really builds up an appetite. It’s selfish to think he should have just taken the money and left. Or not robbed the restaurant chain at all.

Not The Only Robbery

As with most crimes in Florida, this was not an isolated incident. Our Floridian suspect left the Wendy’s after eating and taking money from the safe, he went to another restaurant and followed the same pattern. No word on what he made this time, maybe a nice pasta. However, he must have been worried about the police catching on because this time he didn’t open the safe, he just took it with him. Time saver for sure.

He also tried to rob a gas station. This time he failed though.

Keystone Cops

The police are still searching for a suspect and the right hamburger chain. They released a statement about the crimes but seemed to think McDonald’s and Wendy’s are the same things. They wrote on their Facebook page: “A suspect coined as the modern day Hamburglar doesn’t appear to have any problem making himself right at home after breaking into local food establishments to make himself a burger.” Despite the suspect being caught on camera, this may be one crime that is too delicious to solve.