Florida Man Killed Girlfriend To “Get Rid Of Devil”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Who doesn’t have an ex they refer to as psycho? Most of the time, the insult is because of something simple. Like maybe they wanted something unusual (or outside of societal norms) and got mad when the request was rejected. Other times, they just yelled a lot. Very few times is it something that actually something that a professional would deem the actual actions as those of a psychopath.

This is one of those few cases. 60-year-old David Murdock killed his ex-girlfriend for religious reasons. Seriously. He told the police that he was battling Lucifer and trying to banish him. Seriously. Only in Florida could a story like this happen.

The Relationship

Lisa Bunce had ended her relationship with Murdock back in 2017. She had told friends on multiple occasions Murdock had made serious threats towards her. As the relationship came to an end, she moved to Ohio. This should have been the end of it for her, but this was not the case.

In January of 2019, she had visited Florida to see friends. Murdock learned she was in town and began to text and call her at a rate that could only be considered worrisome. Bunce ignored the messages and eventually blocked his number. It was not enough.

The Murder

The buildup to the murder was every bit the formula for a true crime to happen. Murdock found out where Bunce had been staying and made his way over there. Sandra Andrews answered the door to her house and found her friend’s ex standing there. After she tried to get him to leave, she was shot in the face. After the police came and asked who had pulled the trigger, she reportedly answered “David.”

Bunce was not as lucky, for lack of a better phrase. She was shot in the head and then stuffed into a closet. Police found her shortly after but there was no way to help keep her alive. The question became why would Murdock do this?

The Motivation

In normal cases, jealousy or anger would be a go-to motivation. Even a monetary reward, such as life insurance, can be a big factor in the decision to commit murder. Very rarely is a religious reason given. And when it is, it’s usually because the religion condemns divorce.

Murdock told the police he killed Bunce and shot Andrews because “he had to get rid of the devil.” It’s not clear if he’s truly insane or playing it up for prosecutors, jurors, and the Judge. There is also some confusion as to whether or not he believed Bunce was the devil or if she was possessed by the devil.

The Confession and Charges

Another unusual aspect of this case is that Murdock called into 911 and confessed to his crime. Another Florida man also confessed to shooting his partner but tried to claim self-defense. Maybe that’s what the devil defense is about?

Murdock faces a lot of charges including; first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, armed burglary with assault/battery and shooting into a building. he is being held in a county jail without bond.