Florida Man Livestreams Walgreens Attack on Facebook

Photo by niu niu on Unsplash

“I didn’t do nothing, all I wanted to do is go to the store, bro,” Ryan Greenlee said to a friend after a trip to Walgreens went awry. What started off as an innocent trip to the store turned into a nightmare. And one that could only happen in the Sunshine State.

Florida has more than it’s fair share of weird crimes and criminals. There is denying that. However, this rampage that Greenlee went on is one for the record books. What set off this powder keg? Beef jerky. No, seriously, beef jerky is to blame.

Live From Walgreens

In this day and age, it cannot be said enough that social media enters into every aspect of our lives. From certain politicians allegedly tweeting from the toilet to people feeling the need to post their dinner on Instagram. Almost no part of life is done in private.

Greenlee took this to a new level. On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, he livestreamed a trip to a local Walgreens. Nothing unusual about that for the 20-something crowd. Drag queens in New York City often do the same thing with a late night trip to target. This was different though. While the drag queens make dirty jokes and play with toys, Greenlee decided to get violent. Because beef jerky.

Blame It On The Beef Jerky

After he chose two packages of beef jerky, Greenlee went to pay for his prized snacks. For some reason, he waved cash at the camera. Riveting stuff that his friend probably ate up on Facebook. The clerk rang him up and as is custom told him his total.  Greenlee did not have enough to pay for the munchies of choice.

This was unacceptable to him. He began yelling at the clerk. When that didn’t get him what he wanted, he started throwing things that were on the counter. Like a two-year-old. One of the items he threw, hit a two-month-old baby. The mother was outraged. She told the local news stations, “I was just so angry that I didn’t even cry, I was just trying to be as level headed as I could.” While the camera did not pick up on the box hitting the baby, it can be heard crying just after Greenlee began throwing things.

One of the clerks tried to step in and got hit for his troubles. Someone managed to call the police with the fracas going on. Who knew beef jerky could create so much trouble?

Live Arrest and Charges

The camera got fuzzy as Greenlee ran to the car. The aforementioned quote was what he told a friend who told him he went too far. His rampage continued. There were officers on the scene.

The camera did not catch the actual arrest, as one of the officers presumably took his phone. However, at some point, he resisted arrest and assaulted one of the officers. Greenlee is facing child abuse and battery on an officer of the law.  Along with the resisting arrest and resisting arrest with violence charges.

Maybe beef jerky needs to be outlawed. At least in Florida.