Game of Starbucks

Screencap courtsey of HBO and Hindustan Times

Screencap courtsey of HBO and Hindustan Times

It was the best of times, it was the most modern of times. During a party scene in the hit show, Game of Thrones, savvy fans spotted a Starbucks cup. Social media went crazy with the latest gaffe from the show.  Users were confused and conflicted as to why this had happened on their favorite show.

For most shows, something like this would not have merited the think pieces that have been launched since the premiere of “The Last of The Starks.” Because GoT, as it is commonly abbreviated, took almost two years to produce the final season, expectations were higher for it. That means things like a modern Starbucks cup making it through all of the production is bound to attract attention. Though it may have still been a surprise how much attention a “prop” was given.It seems as though answers are required.

Senioritis Takes Over

So what happened? There are countless theories, including senioritis among the cast and crew of the show. Which seems to be a reasonable assumption given what we know about the show and what’s happening to date.

Drinker of Pumpkin Spice Latte   

Though senioritis seems to be too easy of an answer for a Starbucks cup appearing in the show. There are some fans point to the fact that actress Emilia Clarke has been papped walking with a coffee cup as proof that she is the culprit. Seriously. The theory goes on to say the cup she was photographed with is an exact replica of the cup that found it’s way into the episode. Plus the fact that it is sitting right in front of her in the scene is all the proof they need.

It seems unlikely Emilia Clarke had enough influence over production to bring her coffee on set and into the scene with her. Though there are some great tweets that came with it.

Money Matters

One of the theories that makes a lot of sense is that the cup is there on purpose. GoT is a product for a production company, and they want to make money. One of the ways shows make money is ad revenue, though that is not the HBO business model. They are not adverse to taking money for product placement.

Actor and Singer Jason Dottley pointed this out on Facebook. He wrote:

If y’all think that Starbucks cup being left in GOT was a real accident, GET WITH IT! The real question is how much did that product placement cost? There is no way it wasn’t at least digitally removed. Someone throughout the production line had to have noticed it. I see right through this one.

That sounds about right. Starbucks for their part joined in on the conversation with a tweet of their own. They are surprised Danerys didn’t order a dragon drink. Whatever that is.

What do you think happened with the now infamous Westeros Starbucks cup? Tell us in the comments.