Good Place’s Long Goodbye Began At Comic Con

Colleen Hayes/NBC

Just weeks after the season 3 finale of The Good Place, creator Michael Schur announced that the recently ordered season 4 would be it’s last. Fans and cast alike were shocked and saddened by the news.

But at least in the case of the cast, seemed to have expected the news. D’Arcy Carden, who plays Janet, said: “It feels like a breakup when you’re still in love with the person, but you know it’s not going to last.” If that isn’t an apt description, then nothing is.

Who Would Spoil The Finale?

As part of the swan song season, NBC got a spot at the San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. According to Schur, the script for the series finale is completed and was due to be delivered to the cast, but producers worried about one cast member being a spoiler sport. “The finale script is complete, We read it on Monday,” Schur said.

So would have spoiled the last episode? Sitcom legend Ted Danson, of course. Schur told the audience, “Ted [Danson] would spend the entire panel telling everyone what happens in it.” Jokes aside, there was a bit of love and sadness that filled the hall where the panel happened.

Some of the stars revealed how they found out that the series would be ending.

Kristen Rings The Bell For The End

Leading lady Kristen Bell says that she knew the end was coming but got the confirmation from Michael Schur via a cell phone call with spotty service. Insert your own T-Mobile joke here. She says she figured out the reason for the call and asked Schur to write something for her in the future, a request he agreed to.

Bell was also given the opportunity to make her directing debut. The Veronica Mars vet said this to her castmates: “Having a director who was decisive was my favorite thing … I had so much fun directing all of you. I already feel like I’m bossy around you guys … but I had fun wearing the actual hat, where instead of ignoring me, you had to listen.”

What Comes Next?

As the end nears for the beloved network sitcom, some of the stars have already lined up their next gigs. Carden for one will continue to recur on HBO’s Barry. Which has to feel nice for her to know that she will continue to have a paycheck coming in when her main job ends.

Bell can currently be seen solving crimes in Neptune. That’s right, Veronica Mars is back and streaming on Hulu. On top of that, she has a flourishing movie career. She will next be on the big screen as Anna in Disney’s hotly anticipated Frozen 2. And there is a possibility that she will be reprising her role as narrator on the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot for HBO Max, WarnerMedia’s forthcoming streaming service. A busy lady indeed. Just like her fellow lead, Ted Danson.

NBC worked with Tina Fey to ensure that Danson stayed within the Peacock (Universal Studios) family. To that end, Fey created a new show specifically with Danson in mind and was given a straight to series order as a result. On the panel, Danson took a lot of ribbing about going to work right after the finale of Good Place ends. His response was epic: “That’s how I handle breakups, You can’t divorce me, I quit.”

What do you think of Good Place ending? Any hopes for the final season?