Haunted Carousel: The True Myth Of Infamous Cedar Point Horse

Photo Credit: The Ghosts of Ohio

There are a lot of myths surrounding Cedar Point. Most of them revolve around deaths and disappearances that happened within the gates of the popular amusement park. Some of them add to the mystic of certain parts of the park, like Frontier Land.

However, one of the most popular myths of the park happened outside of the gates, or at least the majority of the story did. Yet, the ghost and the rest of the story is centered on what was once a very popular ride at “The World’s Roller Coaster Capital.”

Origins of The Myth

Muller’s Horse as it is known spent the first 50 years of its existence without a permanent home. It was traveled around to different carnivals and theme parks. Until it landed at Cedar Point, it’s final home. It was there that the myth began in earnest.

From generation to generation of Cedar Point employees have passed down the story of the unphotographable horse. Many have wondered if it’s true, and while some have tried to disprove it, none have been able to. At least not yet.

The Myth Begins

Daniel Muller crafted the horse on assignment. When his wife saw it, she fell madly in love with it and was devastated when her husband sent it to be on a carousel. It is said that Mrs. Muller (who is never given a first name) was so in obsessed with the horse that she refused to allow anyone to take a picture of it.

Something that has endured into the afterlife. No one has successfully taken a picture of the actual horse, even the picture above is a replica horse, without having an incident. It is also said that after midnight, Mrs. Muller’s ghost could be seen with the horse.

True Crime Meets Myth

Why does Mrs. Muller’s ghost appear with the horse? Some people believe it’s because she loved the horse so much that she couldn’t bear to leave. However, there is a more sinister part of the story that is very prevalent. This part of the story is so popular that a member of the Muller family tried to dispel it, to no avail.

It is said Daniel Muller found out that his beloved wife was having an affair. Upon this discovery, he lost his mind, which led him to murder his wife and her lover. After the killings took place, he needed to hide his wife’s body and he did that in the most logical place; the horse she loved so much.

A woman only identified as Kati told Haunts and History that this is hogwash. “The Mullers were my great-grandparents. My great-grandmother certainly wasn’t murdered by my great-grandfather and stuffed in the horse! But the urban legend is a fun one.”

Her body being stuffed into the horse would explain why her ghost haunts it.

The Myth Ends

As mentioned Mrs. Muller’s ghost appears by the horse at midnight. It is said that the carousel would light up and begin running by itself. Many of the former employees have confirmed these events and were told that it was a system malfunction. Apparently, a ghost haunting a ride is a malfunction in the system.

The horse can still be seen in Frontier Land, far away from the original location. A replica can be seen at the Merry-Go-Round Museum right down the road from Cedar Point.

What a ride!