Man Tries To Steal Halle Berry’s House With Fake Documents

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Real estate is torturous. Sometimes you find a house you want, one that would make all of your dreams come true. Then in cruel fashion, the universe will take it away from you. All because it already has another owner. Like if you were a cool house, you would not already have an owner. Just saying.

Ronald Eugene Griffin appeared to take the saying “desperate times call for desperate measures” a little too far. His nefarious plan started in January. He showed up at Berry’s residence and jiggled the locks. Berry’s gardener scared him off. But like an obsessed lover, Griffin would not leave well enough be.

Return of The Griffin

In March, Griffin returned to the house. Halle Berry was nowhere around the property, and it is believed that Griffin just really loved the house and was not trying to get close to the Oscar Winner.

Once again the gardener tried to scare the man off but this time was not successful. Griffin called the cops on the gardener and claimed he was trespassing on his property. The cops looked at the documents he gave them. Right away, they knew he had forged the documents. What good is the internet for if you can’t fake documents or hire a hitman successfully?

If it weren’t for Facebook and celebs acting naughty….

House Arrest

On June 20, 2019, Griffin was arrested without incident. He is being charged with procuring and offering a false warranty deed and petty theft. Police said in a statement: “Griffin had changed the title of the residence without the victim’s knowledge and attempted to forcibly gain entry onto the house.”

They continued on to say: “Upon arrival, officers were met by employees of the residence, who knew the true property owner of the residence. They reported that suspect Ronald Eugene Griffin was trying to gain entry by compromising the locks of the residence. Suspect Griffin claimed to be the new owner of the residence.” And he would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t a stupid plan.

Also petty theft? Berry’s house is worth an estimated $3.8 million. How is that petty theft? That sounds more like grand larceny.