Press F For Jim Beam’s Burned Bourbon

Photo Credit: Ryan C. Hermens/TNS


How many tears were shed over this? The Jim Beam Bourbon distillery caught fire on Tuesday evening. 40,000 barrels of bourbon was a casualty of the blaze. Much to the chagrin of country music stars and alcohol lovers everywhere.

Cause and Effect

Drew Chandler, The Woodford County Emergency Manager says that the fire was likely caused by lightning that struck near the distillery. The fire spread quickly and caused a lot of damage to the distillery.

Bourbon lovers need not worry that it was the old whiskey that caught fire. Emily York, a spokeswoman for the company assured customers that there will not be an impact on the availability of their favorite bourbon. “Given the age of the lost whiskey, this fire will not impact the availability of Jim Beam for consumers.”

At least there’s that.

Fire Out

The fire burned for more than eight hours, despite firefighters best efforts to put it out. Yorke wanted the community to know that Jim Beam and the stakeholders were happy with how this situation was handled. “We are thankful that no one was injured in this incident, and we are grateful to the courageous firefighters from multiple jurisdictions who brought the fire under control and prevented it from spreading.”

As the day wore on, the fire suppression was semi-successful, authorities said: “They are beginning fire suppression and will hand the facility back over to the owner soon thereafter, I anticipate local responders will clear the scene before dusk.”

There is a fear that the fire will re-spark after it is put out. To that end, firefighters and other first responders will keep an eye on the area just in case something happens.

And to all the alcohol that burned up because of the fire. We will mourn you. It’s time to press F for the bourbon destroyed in the Jim Beam fire.