Trump Says Google Will Be Investigated for Treason

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Are we on the brink of another Cold War? It certainly seems as though we are, with escalating tensions with former allies like China. As the trade war drags on into the summer, a surprising new pawn has popped into the fray.

Peter Thiel, a billionaire investor, made wild claims that Google is committing treason. His reasoning is that Google is still doing business in China and allegedly with the Chinese Military and not working with the United States Military.

Treason Claims

Thiel claims that it’s “very vulgar” that Google remains in business with China. While it is not known what business Google does in China, it is not widely believed they are working on anything that would be considered illegal.

What are the claims that Thiel is throwing around? Nothing short of treason and accusations of bad business. Google is “engag[ing] in the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military and not with the US military.” There is nothing of substance to prove the allegations, but that hasn’t stopped the Feds from getting involved.

Trump Investigates

Despite Thiel not offering any evidence for his accusations, Donald Trump wants to start investigating. After watching his favorite show, Fox and Friends, Trump jumped on the anti-Google bandwagon.

Trump tweeted that his administration will look into the accusations and alleged crimes of Google, but gave no basis for the investigation other than Thiel’s statements. His tweet reads in part: “A great and brilliant guy who knows this subject better than anyone! The Trump Administration will take a look!”

Interesting Motivations

With no evidence to go on, why would Trump start an investigation? A short look into finances will tell everything that needs to be known. Money talks. According to Forbes, Thiel donated $1.25  million to Trump’s 2016 Election campaign.

It is unsurprising that Trump wants to help someone who helped him. He has done it many times since taking office. With the 2020 Election right around the corner, it behooves him to keep the wealthier donors happy, even if it breaks the law. Illegal activity is nothing new for this administration.

Google denies the allegations, and insists they do “not work with the Chinese military.”