On Cameroon: National and International News Round Up.

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It’s a new Dawn and Cameroonians wake up to face daily life challenges. Common these days for breakfast are either; qeue in newspaper stands, Facebook and Twitter updates or t.v debates that centers on the Socio -political climate in Cameroon. We wrap up these catchy headlines for you in some few lines.
Caritas Bamenda Priest Testifies at U.N Security Council calling on the Council to address the root causes of the ongoing crisis in Cameroon and drop the cosmetic solutions.
On Cameroon: International news U.N Credit: Mark Bareta F.B.
While Cameroon through it’s Minister for External Relations in a communique on the U.N Security council Arria -Formula meeting on Cameroon, reiterated that Cameroon is a sovereign country, and will not tolerate external intervention from foreign countries. Many say accusing fingers point at the U.S for petitioning the Council to discuss human rights abuses in Cameroon. In their support, France, Russia, Equatorial Guinea and Cote D’Ivoire support this claim adding that dialogue be initiated and let Cameroon handle her internal problems.
Signs of hope at the end of the tunnel tears Cameroon Separatist Movements apart. Power tussle between the jailed leadership Sesekou Ayuk Tabe, and the Acting leadership of Samuel Sako seems to be the talk of the week with both camps making cabinet announcements to their established Federal Republic of Ambazonia. The big question that remains is: Who has the legitimacy of Power to be the leader of Ambazonia at the moment?
One Government, Two Presidents.
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On Cameroon news: Jailed Leadership Vice President.
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While on Cameroon soil, popularly known as “Ground Zero,” Prime Minister Dion Ngute continues his Peace Tour in the city of Buea. In a controversial manner, while a handful of citizens came out to hear his message, his visit was characterized by sweeping ghost town announced by the Separatist Movements as a sign of rejection and boycott of his dialogue process.
In the city of Buea, the PM called on Separatist fighters to drop their weapons either in churches or palaces and embrace peace. His tour continues today in the towns of Limbe and Kumba.
The U.S Assistant Secretary for African affairs, Honorable Tibor P. Nagy Jr. in a communique addressed to the House of Representatives will be giving a hearing on Thursday 16th May 2019. Judging from his previous outing after the ousting of Sudan’s President Al-Bashi where he said his focus now is on Cameroon, it is believed this hearing will center more around the crisis in Cameroon. He notes that witnesses may be allowed.
On Cameroon: National and International News Round up       Credit: Mark Bareta FB


Popular Bamenda Radio Host and TV Broadcaster dies after brief illness in Yaounde. Popularly known as Mac Chi for his 4pm Pidgin News over the airwaves of Bamenda town, he leaves his audience in shock with the sudden news of his demise. May his soul rest in peace.
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