Repatriation of Zimbabwe’s Royals Mbuya Nehanda et al Meeting Held in Harare


London, England.(News Of The South) – The remains of Zimbabwe’s Royals, Spiritualists, nationalists and traditional leaders from the First Chimurenga war are still lying in a London museum 39 years after Zimbabwe attained Independence.

With just a few days to go before Zimbabwe celebrates Independence on April 18 it is sad to note that Zimbabwe is not actually Independent. As long as the remains of our forefathers are in the hands of the colonialists the British, the country is not free. When a war comes to an end prisoners of war are exchanged but our Ancestors remains are still in London.

Spiritual leaders who include Chief Chingaira, Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi, Chief Mashayamombe were brutally murdered and beheaded by British colonialists who took the remains to London as war trophies. The remains were displayed at Natural history museum where British researchers spent time trying to study how the leaders acquired their special abilities and powers but the researches yielded nothing. The remains have since been removed from pubic display and are being kept at the museum.

A stakeholders meeting was held in Harare on Thursday April 11 where descedants and other interested parties discussed the processes needed to repatriate the remains. The meeting was chaired by Chief Makoni. Issues discussed include the traditional bira ceremony, delegation to go to the UK, DNA to be carried on the remains to establish their origins and whether they are the rightful Zim heroes. It is also important to note that the British have stated they cannot positively identify who is who on the remains. The remains have numbers imprinted on them so identification via Scientific DNA as well as DNA via Masvikoro or traditional leaders would have to be done. Masvikiro are spirit mediums who have the ability to communicate with the departed.

Also on the agenda were issues of problems bedeviling the country such as the cyclone Idai which is believed to be a form of communication or warning that something is not right in the country and needs to be sorted out. Other issues that need attending to rescuscitation of the Mbari Chieftainship as Harare currently has no Chief due to it being a Metropolitan city, the Chief Sanyanga Chiftainship os also outstanding amongst others.

Members who attended repatriation stakeholders meeting in Harare

On the religious side it was discussed with quotes from the Bible that when a person dies and the lower part of their body gets buried while the upper body is not buried it means the person has bot beed buried. One cannot be said to be buried when their upper body is not, this is the case with our forefathers Mbuya Nehanda Chief Chingaira, Sekuru Kaguvi and others. So the main issues discussed had more to do with discussing convincing facts in why repatriation should be done.

A Mr Dhliwayo who also attended the meeting highlighted how the government of Zimbabwe had a tendency to sit on documents and letters and how they kept them in baskets on their desks for lenghty periods. He urged descendants of the heroes to come together and push harder to ensure the remains are returned to Zimbabwe so the heroes can rest in peace.

The issue of funding was discussed and how government should fully fund the repatriation process. After consultations are concluded a budget will be set up and presented to the government so the process can move forward.

A repatriation conference is set to be held in the UK where various professionals will speak on the process. The event is being organised by Eugene Majuru of Great Zimbabwe International Festival. The event will he held in Leicester on Saturday July 27.