The mobile phone revolution is here! And it’s here to stay .



Mobile phone

The internet took the mobiles phones by storm. It is no less than a revolution .The mobile revolution has begun. Since its launch in India in the late 90s the mobile phone users has increased tenfold, this mode of communication was extensively convenient to everyone. The mobile phones made sure everyone was connected, the normal telephone lost all its charm to the new found model of communication .Earlier the telephone was the most common mode of communication for most of the people, but with the advent of the mobile phones the telephone lost its customers and importance to the mobile phones.

Introduction of internet to mobile phones

In the late 90s the internet too was introduced to the mobile phones and this totally revolutionizes the use of the internet and mobile phone, the linked internet connection to the mobile phones increased the users drastically. With the success in the field of the internet usage various other kind of mediums were introduced like the many social Medias e.g.  facebook, hi5, twitter to name a few. And other kind of apps were created like whatsapp, viber, skype which connects people validating  The phrase “ it’s a small world after all” which does make sense in today world. The mobile phone  were also introduced to many other features like camera, alarms, games, and many  more  uncountable app and feature which entice customers  and also keeps the  customers well engaged to their  phones, not to forget the features and apps are constantly updated or upgraded keeping in mind the customers desire and needs .

Youngsters are the most affected by phones

The internet is rapidly taking over the lives of everyone but the most active users are the youngsters, the internet is now easily available even in the new smart phone often used by the youngster’s .Cybercrimes are randomly on the increase with the brisk increase in the internet users. Many people are becoming victims of hacking, identity theft and various other such cases.

Internet takes us by storm

The internet users these days comprise of various kind of people between various age group but the most active users are between the ages 15-24 and between the ages of 24-34.The internet previously was linked only to computers, during the early 1980 internet were linked only through computers, but with the advent of the 1990s the internet could be used through personal computers, laptops and mobile phones.

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The internet helps students with study materials

It’s to be pondered about the way the internet play a role in the life of the youngsters these days .ok the fact that it is helping the young ones in their respective studies is not to rule it out as a helpful medium in their studies it does play a pivotal role in educational materials that the youngsters require in their daily studies. But with the  increase in the technology advancement the youngsters  are deemed  to fall  prey to the internet and  mobile phone, if you’ve notice at all the mobiles offers  so much features that it’s impossible to separate the youngsters from their phones ,this could be dangerous  and also lead to health hazards amongst the youngsters  as they spend most of their time on their phones  and less in the  outdoors .

The impact of the internet

The impact the internet has on everyone is noteworthy ,and the combine impact of both the internet and the mobile phone  is tremendously and at times disastrous ,the very victims of technology advancement is myself I find it rather difficult to separate myself from my phone .Its alarming  how  much time I spend  on my phone. And I know  for  a fact  that  I’m not  the only  victim of this  era ,sometimes the  use of mobiles really disrupt the proper function  of a person.

Normal telephones were better

It’s true we live in a technology based era and we cannot be lacking behind but i so miss the early the1990s when there was no mobile phone at all. Then the only mode of communication was the normal telephone yes it was not as convenient because if we fixed  a meeting  then we had to fix the time and place and reach the place on time  or else we won’t have a meeting at all .

Playing outdoor was a healthy thing  

Before the mobile phone and internet the only way we spend our time was either playing in the outdoors or watching television and our life was way easier .If you’ve notice nowadays even a one year old knows how to function a Smartphone .I can’t decide whether it’s a good thing or bad one.

Mobile phones and youngsters

Yes you’ve seen how the youngsters are so addicted to their mobile phones even if they leave it for a while they have panic attacks and they don’t seem to be able to let go of their phone except when they’re sleeping, yet while sleeping they sleep along with their phones and uses the alarm on the mobile to wake up this phone addiction is creepy and they should be warned about the negative impacts of mobiles on people .The most impact the mobile phones has is on the youngsters aged 15 -26 . These age group are really addicted to their mobile and they are so absorb in their phones that they don’t do anything much but check their social media for hours.

Social media a bane or a boon?

It is yet to be decided if the social media are a bane or a boo . Millions of people are logged into these Social Medias from the young to the old and like a competition people would post photos of themselves posing like they’re the wealthiest and happiest people on earth but all for the sake of getting attention on social media .

To say the mobile phones and the internet has taken our life like a storm we either get blown away by it or either we flow along with it .