When am I paid?

You can click the “Request Payment” button on the “Post Pay Counter” feature located here after you’ve reached the $100 threshold. To minimize the workload for site admins, please only request once per month.

How do I see my stats?

You can see your stats under “Stats” on Post Pay Counter located here. The stats are updated daily. If you want a detailed article stat, click on your name.

Do I have to pay for anything?

No, HVY is totally free to use for journalists.

Is it possible to remove ads on my articles?

Yes, it is. Just send an email to jonas.borchgrevink (at) ccn.com with your request.

How do I embed a Youtube video or a Tweet?

You simply copy the youtube URL or the tweet URL and paste it in your post when you are editing it. Click enter one time, and it will auto-fetch the content.

How can I be Star rated?

See this page.