The Resurrection of the Flyy Girl


The Resurrection of the Flyy Girl

A Fly girl is a girl who wants you to see, her name her game and her ability. Two gold teeth and cold cash money. The guys are on her strap she tends to act funny. She’s got Gazelle and a b-bag too, Fly Girl, I want to be with you.

Boogie Boys, 1985

“…don’t give them nothin’ unless they got something to give you… what you do is get a nice-looking nut dude with some money and romance his ass. If you can get somethin’ without doing anything, then do it. But if you can’t, then make sure you play with his ind real good before you do…..” 

excerpt from Flyy Girls  

In 1993, Bill Clinton beat George Bush and became the 42nd president, the average cost of rent was $532, movie tickets were $4.14, gas was $1.16 a gallon, and the dopest urban book I had ever read was released. 

The book Flyy Girl focuses on a character named Tracy Ellison. Tracy, was the daughter of a pharmacist and dietitian and grew up in Germantown, a suburb of Philly.Tracy is a gorgeous girl with a high self-esteem and a love for material things. The book takes you on her and her friends journey to get what they want by any means necessary. It’s a look into the realities of urban youth in Philly, in the 80’s and It was the realist thing book I had read at that time. Now it’s making a comeback, but  this time, not as a book. ‘

Author Omar Tyree, a native of Philly has written 28 books, with 20 of them being fiction. Now Tyree is releasing Flyy Girl as a screenplay in hopes it turns into a movie. “The goal is to get as many books out there as screenplays so that people can view them as opposed to reading them because I realize a lot of people don’t have time to read, but will watch a movie.” 

Flyy Girl being turned into a movie has always been the goal of Tyree, but lack of financiers held back the project. Tyree explains, “I have always wanted to make the book into a film, but finding financial support for black films is hard. The lack of financing is the reason it hasn’t been a film yet. People that don’t read the book don’t know the audience, or how well the book may do as a film so they don’t put out the financing.” Tyree hopes the buzz around the screenplay will draw the interest of filmmakers. 

But will the 26 yr old storyline capture the audience of millennials? Tyree says absolutely. “Tracy has all of the characteristics of millennials today, she wants what she wants, she’s gonna deal with boys she is gonna deal with men, black culture, white culture, you are watching the same characteristics of women today. She is not apologetic, she’s not a victim..” Tracy’s character  is strong, knows what she wants, doesn’t care what others think and she just goes for it. Tyree says many millennial women and other women in todays era are very similar and will have no problem relating to her, 

 Although he is re-writing Flyy Girl as a screenplay, don’t expect it to lose any of the 80’s feel that the book is known for. “There is no way in the world I would forsake my own 80’s culture for this new culture. We started hip-hop, break dancing, graffiti, DeeJays; all of that came from the 80’s culture.”

With a major lack of urban films, and none dealing with black urban teens, Tyree hopes the screenplay will be successful. “Look at the success of  the Bobby Brown and New Edition movies that came out on telivision, these 80’s music and movies are what the current era is interested in. They are all flash backing to the 80’s era, not this era.” 

Tracy is the definition of a Royal woman, she is a woman that makes her own decisions, strong, bold and definitely worthy of being a Royaltee Woman. 

Look for Omar Tyree’s screenplay Flyy Girls on Amazon. 

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