Unlocking the True Power of Social Media


Social media is a phenomenon that has been intriguing us from the moment it arrived on the scene. It started off innocuously enough as nothing more than a college hook up site, but not Zuckerberg, or anyone else truly knew what they were creating.

Even today we still have not grasped the true power of the internet, and the social network. While the space has certainly matured, and people have started to understand the value of connection in industry, social media has brought us so much more.

What social media has done is unified the collective minds of not just one city, state, or country, but the entire world. Social media has taught us that attention is power, and when we focus our collective power on something, we can move mountains.

That is what social media is in reality, an outlet that allows us to unify the knowledge of not just everyone living, but every piece of information throughout all of recorded human history. Social media brought us into the information age on an entirely new scale.

Only 30 years ago, there were only 4 different television networks. As such, we only had access to 4 different perspectives. Today we have an entirely decentralized information feed, with access to literally billions of different perspectives in the blink of an eye.

What has happened here is a hallmark in the history of human evolution, a quantum leap forward into a realm of societal sophistication that has hardly even been conceptualized in the best of our science fiction novels.

Even today we have yet to fully harness our new, collective power. While some feel social media was created as a way to monitor citizens, this tool perhaps given to us as a means of oppression, has become our liberation.

This is because our collective societal mind has made not just newspapers obsolete, but centralized society as a whole. Governments were once a necessity because things moved slowly. People needed to agree on a certain system in order to enjoy a level of sophistication and regulation.

Social media and decentralization today has given us this collective problem-solving ability at instantaneous speed. Authorities today are nothing more than middle men. With decentralization, we decide what is valuable, what we participate in. We solve problems as a collective mind with efficiency and efficacy that shows just how truly obsolete the clunky government structure we have now is.

Social media has given us a means of liberation. Imagine for example, you live in a town and there is a pothole. In a decentralized online society, one person can share an image of this pothole, then an organized group of individuals within the community can mobilize to fix the problem by issuing an estimate of the costs.

People who want the road fixed would then fund this endeavor. This problem-solving can be done on a wide scale for every issue. Need to make sure companies are acting ethically? There’s a group for that.

Need a police force to protect the community? Crowd fund it. because these entities are truly owned by the community, they must act more ethically under transparent scrutiny. We decide how much we need or don’t need a product, service, or system, instantly.

What I am saying is that social media has made central government obsolete. The future of society is decentralized open markets and healthy competition, which promotes growth and innovation. Right now we are stagnant in so many areas of our obsolete systems because pure capitalism has disappeared, even in the United States.

Big companies are bailed out by the central government, corporations give massive donations in exchange for favorable regulation that makes it harder and harder for new competition to enter the playing field. This is stifling, stagnating, and will inevitably kill the economy, all so a very tiny percent of the population can hold over 95% of the wealth.

Social media and decentralization solves that problem entirely. A centralized currency could be declared worthless tomorrow, one owned by a community has as much tangible value as every single person participating in it. Centralized currency printing has caused inflation, while decentralized cryptocurrencies cause deflation, meaning they gradually become worth more.

When humanity is ready, we will realize that the wheels of central government that once helped us travel faster on land, are anchors that must be let go before we can take flight. Something beautiful is waiting for us once we find the courage to let go of the old world to make room for the new one.

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