Hear “Holy Water,” Emi Jeen’s New Single


Emi Jeen loves to love and she’s a good girl, well, most of the time. However, she does have a bad way of ending relationships by keeping all her emotions inside until they reach a boiling point, then it explodes. Breaking this pattern inspired the writing of new single, “Holy Water.”

Ending her last relationship on the phone while on tour made Emi Jeen feel to this day like a monster to have done this to him. He didn’t deserve for it to have ended that way.  

She never told him how she felt during the whole time they were together. Instead, accumulating everything until the point it was too late. Since then, Emi Jeen realized that she can’t keep it all inside. That isn’t fair to anyone, especially herself.

If you’re like Emi Jeen and have trouble expressing your emotions, it doesn’t get better if you keep them inside. It’s better to say what you want to say and live with the consequences. 

Holy Water” lays the groundwork for getting your confidence back, believing there is a future and seeing there is a light.