Hear “Sweeter Things,” Jacqueline Tucci’s Latest Track


Drawing from everyday experiences and the happenings of the world around her, no topic is off limits for Toronto-based artist Jacqueline Tucci. Tucci effortlessly blends genres and plays with melodies and vocal deliveries, resulting in a refreshing and individual sound that will invite you in with its raw, honest energy and make you want to stick around. She will release an EP, Jungle Sounds, in 2020.

Sweeter Things” was written in 2018. At the time, Jacqueline was feeling frustrated at the injustice happening in her community and around the world. She wanted to write about it and use her voice through her music, but at the same time, felt nervous about possibly stepping on some toes or making people upset. Jacqueline has grown a lot since this song was written, and it reflects the process of shedding her insecurities and finding the confidence to speak her mind.