The Zolas Will Help You “Come Back to Life”

A reminder to keep fighting for change.


Several years since the release of 2016’s radio-smashing, Juno-nominated breakthrough Swooner, The Zolas are ready to start a new cycle and a new direction. The group’s upcoming album Come Back to Life is an unrepentantly joyful sonic love letter to the mid-90s with swaggeringly self-confident vocals and soaring wonderwall guitars.

The band just released the album’s title track, which serves as a reminder that we need to keep fighting for change. We can’t let ourselves despair and sink back into apathy; we can’t be drawn in by the cozy siren song of pop culture oblivion.

Looking at climate change and decolonization – yes, it’s a heavy current we’re facing, yes, our arms are burning, and yes, we gotta keep swimming. 

While Come Back to Life, the record, is an unrepentantly joyful sonic love letter to a magical time, The Zolas aren’t afraid to get serious on the lyrical side of things.

“Honestly every album I’ve ever written is about nostalgia and the apocalypse and
this one’s no different,” frontman Zachary Gray laughs, “but looking at it now these songs feel really specific to our moment in time. It’s a cross-section of conversations I’ve had and overheard in these past few years. Conversations we’ve all been a part of whether
we like it or not.”

Come Back to Life, the record, touches on everything from waking up to Canada’s appalling treatment of its First Nations to global wealth disparity to artists being priced out of the cities they’ve helped make great.

Gray is at his most potently poignant on “PrEP,” which came out of a Reddit thread
asking users to share their first-hand accounts of the ’80s AIDS epidemic. “I’ve
cried at more than a few Reddit threads, but never like this. Everybody should read

Come Back to Life will be released early next year.