Watch Jeen’s “Deep End” Music Video


Deep End comes from a darker place than it’s bright vibe implies…a bit like smiling when really you feel like shit.

Co-produced by Jeen and her friend/colleague Ian Blurton (Change of Heart, C’mon, Future Now), “Deep End is the first single off her new album out on October 9, 2020.

Jeen wrote this track in a last-minute realization that they needed more songs to round out the album they had just made…so she felt defeated and tired and consequently that’s all she could write about that day.

Since “Deep End was a last-minute addition, my brother, Ben O’Brien, couldn’t make it back in the studio to play bass, so I called my old friend Brendan Canning (of Broken Social Scene + my Cookie Duster band mate) who came in for us.

Recorded in Toronto/2019, this new 12 song LP features Ian on lead guitar, Stephan Szczesniak on drums, Ben & Brendan on bass, Jeff Heisholt on synths and a cameo by Kevin Fox on strings.

We all feel like shit, especially in 2020…don’t quit.