Smollett-Obama Collusion: ‘Big Mama’ Michelle’s Aide Defends Texting State Attorney


Michelle Obama may have been the hidden hand behind the miraculous dropping of sixteen charges against Empire actor Jussie Smollett. Obama’s former Chief of Staff confirmed exchanging text messages relating to the Smollett case with Chicago State Attorney Kim Foxx.

A Rumour That Became Reality: Michelle Obama Aide Texts With State Prosecutor

Was Michelle Obama the unnamed ‘close relative’ of the alleged ‘victim’?

The rumour that the wife of former President Barack Obama started on a Fox News Sean Hannity segment, and has since snowballed. Right up to the point where Michelle’s former aide has confirmed sending text messages to the State Attorney prior to the Smollett charges being dropped.

Tina Tchen, a Chicago attorney and former Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama, issued a statement defending her decision to intervene in the Jussie Smollett case, saying:

“I know members of the Smollett family based on prior work together. Shortly after Mr. Smollett reported he was attacked, as a family friend, I contacted Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who I also know from prior work together.”

Note that Tchen, like some biased news outlets, continue to refer to Smollett as the victim. This perpetuation of the victimhood narrative may be one of the reasons behind the staged attack in the first place, as the demand for bad, white Trump supporters outweighs the supply.

Tchen continued in her statement to the press:

“My sole activity was to put the chief prosecutor in the case in touch with an alleged victim’s family who had concerns about how the investigation was being characterized in public.”

FBI Gets Involved as Secret Emails Come to Light

It gets worse. For some reason, Tchen sought to convince State Attorney Foxx to get the investigation handed over to the FBI. Three days after the ‘Smollett attack’ Tchen emailed Foxx saying:

I wanted to give you a call on behalf of Jussie Smollett and the family who I know. They have concerns about the investigation…”

Moving the investigation over to the FBI would presumably have brought an even brighter media spotlight on the case, and the surrounding race-baiting, Trump-baiting, and general media furore it would have produced.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the conversation followed into an effort by Foxx to convince the superintendent to hand it over the FBI. Foxx wrote in reply to Tchen:
Spoke to the [police] superintendent earlier, he made the ask. Trying to figure out logistics. I’ll keep you posted.”

The ‘relative’ on behalf of whom the contact was made, was reported to have replied:

Omg this would be a huge victory.”

What Happens Next in the Jussie Smollett Farce?

To borrow a phrase from black American preacher, Jesse Lee Peterson, it seems like ‘Big Mama’ Michelle Obama is pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Lawrence Jones on Fox Business suggested that such was the pull of the ‘Obama Image’ behind the scenes in Washington, and in the general public, the whole thing would be kept hushed up. He said:

“Michelle Obama has the best approval rating out of any first lady or presidential candidate right now. Everybody thinks flowers about Michelle Obama. This will be swept under the rug.”

However, President Trump appeared to confirm via Twitter that the FBI and Department of Justice would now be looking into the Smollett case once more, calling the dropped charged an ‘embarrassment to our nation’.

Meanwhile, the city of Chicago is seeking $130,000 in ‘reparations’ for the legal fees wasted on the entire Jussie Smollett saga.