The Abandoned Working Class of the Brexit Betrayal Won’t Go Down Without A Fight


If the recent Brexit debacle is anything to go by, students of democracy would do well to avoid any study of the European Union whatsoever, unless of course they wanted to get a lesson in large-scale corruption. More than once has a (supposedly) sovereign nation of people voted one way, only for their Europhile leaders to flagrantly ignore their referendums and stall the process for years, in the hope that the people eventually change their minds, or just forget entirely.


The European overlords playing monopoly with sovereign nations

There have been numerous examples of this in recent times, such as in 2001 when a majority of Ireland voted against the Nice Treaty – a piece of legislation which re-jigged the scales of power in favour of certain nations, and essentially secured Germany’s current position as the de facto leader of the European Union.

When the Irish people voted against this piece of legislation that promised to remove power from small countries like their own, and centralize it in the hands of larger nations like Germany – the politicians simply ignored it. Furthermore, the people of Ireland were told that they had voted the wrong way, and following a year-long barrage of propaganda and fear-mongering, they eventually voted ‘the right way’ when the second referendum was forced before them.

Fast forward to 2019, and the loud and clear statement made by the people of Britain when they voted to leave the EU in 2016 has been drowned out once again. Just like Ireland in 2001, the people of Britain obviously didn’t get the memo that explains how democracy works.

According to the EU playbook, democracy is a process by which you demonize, demoralize and slander a population of people, right up until the point when they agree with you. In the case of Brexit, it may surprise the 80% contingent of white British citizens to learn that the only reason they voted to have control over their own country was because they were wholeheartedly and irredeemably racist.


Scottish independence is somehow viewed differently

Of course, the political commentators who lay racism at the doorstep of Brexit fail to apply the same logic to the analogous situation unfolding in Scotland. Britain wanting to leave the EU is racist, as we’ve been told so many times. But Scotland wanting to leave the UK is about independence, self-governance, and freedom. (The framing of this narrative might have something to do with the Scottish National Party declaring to join the EU after it leaves the UK, as Scotland gives up the ‘bad’ parent for the ‘good’ parent.)

The accusations of racism surround one thing – immigration. As the liberal Labour Party in Britain lifts its skirt and welcomes more unskilled and unassimilated third-world migrants into Britain’s working class communities (which none of its politicians ever have cause to frequent), they do so against the very interests of the people they supposedly represent.

I come from an old mining village in rural Scotland – a village where the men become manual labourers and the women become cleaners or barmaids. Everyone there has voted Labour for as long as I can remember, and the assumption has always been that Labour is the party of the working class.

But as I approach my thirtieth year, I’m left scratching my head when I try to parse how exactly these liberal parties are in any way concerned with the working class. If you read Saul Alinsky’s take on the matter (the intellectual godhead to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama), the goal is to keep the working class as poor and demoralized as possible.

The reasons for this are purely tactical – a weaker working class population is more likely to agree to higher tax rates on the rich. In this sense, the poor are merely used as leverage in order to snare the middle-class. In another example of the upside-down world we live in, the socialist policies of the left only work if there are enough millionaires around to fund their plans. Conversely, capitalism ticks along just nicely without millionaires, as the small, modest economy of my rural childhood village testifies to this day.


The Tories’ Theresa May has proved an inept representative during the Brexit talks

Three years on from Brexit, in which the people of Britain signalled their desire for independence from the centralized puppet-masters in Brussels, and still no progress has been made. Every day the situation looks worse, as inept leaders continue to kowtow to the irrelevant whims and demands of the EU.

Regardless of how long the Brexit vote takes to materialize or deteriorate, one can’t shake the feeling that some kind of veil has been lifted in these last few years. As media corporations decided to side up with radical, West-hating feminists, proud self-proclaimed racists, and even extremist terrorist groups (yes, I’m talking about Antifa, who are still referred to as ‘peaceful protestors’ by some) – they inadvertently revealed all their cards.

Now, the white working class citizens of Britain and the West know full well how you feel about them. They know where they fall on your list of priorities. They know that you’d rather protect the identities of roving gangs of Muslim child rapists than you would the lives of your own citizens. They know that you’d rather hide the truth and promote the lie. They know that you’d rather blame all the world’s problems on people with poor, white skin – particularly men – because quite frankly, this is one of the few demographic groups that has shown itself disciplined and capable enough of handling such criticism.


Whatever happens next with Brexit, the working classes are waking up – and this is one sleeping giant that the meek, comfortable, middle-class bureaucrats in Brussels will wish they never had the stupidity to disturb.

As someone who grew up a life-long liberal, and who didn’t even meet another conservative until after I’d left university, I never thought I’d see the day where the only solution to our political situation would be to vote in the most rightiest-right-wing candidate imaginable.

Perhaps politicians will wake up in time and realise that identity politics cuts both ways, and that with 80% of Britain’s population still wearing that same old evil, white skin – the odds are stacked heavily in their favour.