Hollywood’s Transgender Agenda: African Babies Are So Last Year


There was a time when all it took to get ahead in Hollywood was to discipline your gag reflex enough to be molested by Harvey Weinstein. But there are only so many movies made in any one year, and Hollywood’s starlets soon had to find a new way to further their careers.

In the 90’s that meant shipping African orphans to your Hollywood mansion and then paying your Mexican nanny to raise them. Your only obligation was to carry one around in your purse whenever the paparazzi were nearby.

It’s easy to assume that any African orphan’s life would be improved by relocating to the great United States of America, but it really depends on where they land. In the homes of the Hollywood elite, those children would never lack material wealth; they would have full access to the best food, clothes, technology, education and career prospects.

However, what the kids don’t know – and what they won’t realize until they’re much older – is that there’s a price to pay for that material wealth. Their foster parents decided to pay that price and become mouthpieces for whatever radical ideology benefitted the liberal elite at that time – even if it meant subverting and contorting every natural human instinct they may have once had.

But that’s a choice the children were too young to make.

Transgender Is The New Black

Fading Actress: Levi, no one’s talking about me anymore. I need something to put me back in the spotlight.

Agent: Have you thought about convincing your son he’s a girl?

How can one small area of California produce so many transgender children? Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Tobey Maguire, Megan Fox, Adele, Cher, Zoe Saldana, R Kelly, and Cynthia Nixon are just a few who have been praised for supporting the ‘choices’ of their suggestive progeny in recent years.

Besides Trump-hating, putting your son in a dress has become the hot new way to signal your progressiveness to the world. It doesn’t matter that respected medical practitioners warned of the dangers surrounding transgenderism for years before it became trendy.

Taking the progressivism even further, Angelina Jolie once revealed how she didn’t feel as strongly for Shiloh – her blonde, blue-eyed daughter with Brad Pitt. The reason? Because she had blonde hair and blue eyes. As Jolie told reporters:

“It’s funny because [Shiloh’s] almost going to be the outcast in the family because she’s blonde and blue-eyed. I felt so much more for Madd, Zahara and Pax because they were survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born.”

Angelina Jolie ‘Felt Less’ for Her White Daughter

Shiloh’s privilege was something that Angelina’s three African adoptees didn’t have, and she said it affected her affection for her daughter:

“I have less inclination to feel for her… I met my other kids when they were 6 months old, they came with a personality. A newborn really is this … Yes, a blob!”

By the time Shiloh had turned four, Angelina Jolie proudly announced to the world that her daughter had made the decision to become a boy. Thus, Jolie gains the ‘survivor’ she always wanted, wins progressive points from the media, and extends her fading career a few more years; meanwhile Shiloh now has to deal with one of the worst afflictions children can face in modern life.

An Early Conclusion?

Being the child of a Hollywood actor has never been easy. Regardless of material wealth (or perhaps because of it), many end up dead on the side of the road before they reach thirty. These Hollywood actors are probably too blind to see it, but by introducing transgenderism into the mix of drugs, alcohol, sex and sin, they’re blending two demographics which are statistically more likely to die younger than any other group in Western first-world nations.

The common line among anyone who isn’t a radical leftist is that these kids will eventually realize what’s been done to them, and seek revenge on their parents before the end. But that assumes the children will outlive the parents – and that is anything but certain at this point.