DONALD TRUMP Betting on the deal of the century


Writer: Feras Hgaggag


The so-called “Century Deal” appeared on the political scene

A few months ago, the goal was to bring peace to the Middle East region between the Arabs and Israel and to bring an end to the mutual hostility between the two sides for almost 70 years and the international recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the State of Israel.

But this deal has been arranged and the political and military atmosphere has been on the ground since 2003 and we bring here what Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said about the concept of the new Middle East and the first serious step to achieve what is known as the deal Century is to create the Middle East to ensure the success of this deal.

In order to prepare the Arab region in a manner that does not lead to any future conflicts with Israel, it is first to remove all Arab regimes that represent a future threat to complete this deal through changing the regime through the occupation as in 2003 and destroying its military and human resources, To change the traditional ruling regimes and replace them with new military faces that are supported politically and economically, and to ignore human rights violations in return for passing this deal, as happened in Egypt, and by bringing US President Donald Trump to General Cissy, governor of Egypt, The United States of America through the traditional mediators in the Arab region, such as the ruler of the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help General Khalifa Hafter to control Libya as well as the Sudan after the removal of General  AL Bashir and the receipt of the military institution of power.


The Palestinian regime must remain in constant conflict between the Hamas movement in Gaza on the one hand and the Palestinian president on the other. They will not be allowed to end the conflict. This was evident in the threat of US President Donald Trump to the Palestinian president to stop all subsidies approved by the Oslo peace agreement Former US President Jimmy Carter or unconditional acceptance of a century deal to continue the flow of such subsidies.

For the oil countries, headed by Saudi Arabia, which has the only decision in its rule is Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince must change the ideological understanding within the Kingdom of

Religious ideology to nationalism and this has been through the arrest of influential clerics in conservative Saudi society and the closure of the most important religious body and called the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice and change the concept of the enemy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Israel to Iran and find all the Saudi media are looking for the possibility of normalization with Israel and Iran is a potential enemy in the future, not Israel. In contrast, US President Donald Trump condones the massive violations committed by the Saudi regime, which amount to war crimes in its war against the Yemeni people four years ago, To thousands of civilians by American weapons and with US and European technological support.

In addition to the political support of President Donald Trump in the face of Congress and stand without any law against the members of the ruling family in Saudi Arabia and their president, Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia personally involved in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, The ruling family in Saudi Arabia agreed to sit Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the throne of Saudi Arabia to pass the deal century.

On the other hand, it is necessary to prepare the world’s public opinion and support the concept of Islam phobia and guide the Western societies through the media in anticipation of a reaction within Western societies and sympathy with the State of Israel and this is required to support the deal of the century under the auspices of US President Donald Trump

We find this very clear in Donald Trump’s attack on the Muslim religion on the media or even with members of Congress as Muslims, as is happening so far with Congressman Han Omar because of her criticism of AIPAC

But the American president has forgotten the most important player in the deal, the Arab-Muslim community, though not as conservative. But as individuals, the first and last enemy is Israel, not Iran, and Jerusalem is an Islamic Arab and has an important religious symbol that touches the Islamic faith no matter how long Israel controls it. History is a lesson in which the medieval Crusades on the Middle East dominated Jerusalem for more than 100 years, but Arabs and Muslims did not forget that they were under occupation and were recaptured under the leadership of Sultan Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi.

US President Donald Trump is betting that the new Arab leaders who support the deal on their people are imaginary and that these peoples are about to explode because of the deterioration of economic conditions, freedom of expression, corruption and the absolute dependence of the regimes in the Arab countries on behalf of the West at the expense of the peoples of this region.

All this leads to a blockage in the political horizon and generates paramilitary groups that have a religious character that is trying to change by force of arms, and here all the equations of the American president will change and he will not be able to control them, especially that the Arab and Islamic society is led by religious passion and not national or partisan ideologies.

All these Arab and Islamic societies have become more aware that the national or partisan ideologies are mere lies and futile nonsense and have not reaped from these ideologies injustice, poverty, ignorance and corruption because of the domination of generals in these countries

Since the mid-1980s, these communities have begun to move towards Islamic identity, and this is the rock that will be destroyed the dreams of the deal of the century and the victory of US President Donald Trump.