Elvis’ Demons Led to His Early Death

Elvis Presley, image Getty
Elvis Presley, image Getty

Elvis Presley died 45 years ago, August 16, 1977. He was age 42. Presley was a long-time abuser of opiates, which not only kill pain but also cause constipation. His autopsy showed he had fecal matter that was 4 months old still in his body at the time of his death. While sitting on the toilet, he had a seizure, was thrown forward, and was dead before his face hit the floor.  He abused amphetamines, plus tranquilizers such as Valium, barbiturates, quaaludes, sleeping pills, hormones — and laxatives, for the constipation.

Ginger Alden first met Elvis at the age of five, then again on November 19, 1976, when she and her two sisters were welcomed to Graceland. Ginger Alden recently turned twenty years old. At the time, Elvis was 21 years older than she.  Ginger became his “girlfriend” and was the one who found him dead after falling off the toilet.

Elvis and Priscilla met in November 1959 when he was 24 years old and she was 14 years old. They married in Las Vegas May 1, 1967. Elvis was repulsed by any female who had given birth to a child – apparently pregnancy suggested a female was “too old” for him. When Priscilla was seven months pregnant with Lisa Marie, Elvis asked her for a trial separation. Elvis and Priscilla were legally married for four years before their separation in 1972. They finalized their divorce a year later on October 9, 1973. During their four-year marriage, Elvis was highly promiscuous and refused to be intimate with Priscilla after she gave birth.

Elvis said Priscilla reminded him of his mother, which is counter-intuitive, because 14 year old girls generally don’t remind anyone of their mother.  Elvis’ mother Gladys was a drunk, and also died at age 42, as did Elvis.

“Historically, pedophiles are likely to have repeated a grade in school (approximately 61%) or required special education classes. Academic difficulties occur in both pedophiles and hebophiles at twice the odds ratio seen for perpetrators of sexual offenses against adults.” https://focus.psychiatryonline.org/doi/10.1176/foc.7.4.foc522

Elvis admitted he struggled academically. Somehow, he managed to graduate from high school in Mississippi, majoring in shop. After high school, he got a job as a truck driver, and after he was drafted into the Army his job there was also as a truck driver. Apparently, he had good spatial skills and was visually oriented.

If it’s true he was attracted to children, then that would be a demon that would turn just about anybody into a drug abuser, especially if a man is visually oriented.  It’s possible he had homosexual feelings, because his disgust for gay people was unjustified; it was probably a reflection of his own demons.  It appears Elvis was more of a hebophile. A Hebophile is defined as an adult who has a strong sexual, emotional and spiritual attraction and/or preference for adolescents, (post-pubescent children).

There is some evidence that pedophilia may run in families, though it is unclear whether this stems from genetics or learned behavior.  Elvis’ 4th great grandfather, William Presley, an Irishman from Shillelagh, was attacked by a mob from Wicklow, Ireland, for undisclosed reasons, according to Carlow Court of Assizes on August 25, 1775. The men from Wicklow used “whips and fists, dragged him down by the legs” and “violently insulted, assaulted, beat and abused” William Presley. Presley fled to America after the attack. This sounds like William was caught molesting a child.

There really is no culturally acceptable way to function in modern society if one is attracted to children. It’s typical for pedophiles to commit suicide after they get busted. Elvis was unique in that he was able to cover up his life of promiscuity and drug abuse.  As a trucker, he could just move on to the next town with anonymity. As a celebrity, he had the luxury of females throwing themselves at him, and the protection of a manager who knew how to manipulate his public image, regardless of what Elvis did. According The Irish Mirror, apparently refused to bathe throughout 1975, causing him to develop sores on his body. The stench of dying flesh would have been revolting.

It would have been blasphemy to accuse Elvis of drug abuse or inappropriate behavior while he was alive, because people treated him like a god.  Now, 45 years after his death, people are more willing to discuss the real Elvis, and his demons. Twenty years ago, nobody would have uttered a word about The Queen’s son, Prince Andrew.  Times have changed.

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