Evalino Productions overwhelms sold-out audience with Frozen Jr at Village Theatre in Canton


“My objective is to have these young actors walk away enlightened in every aspect of live theatre, and they do”. – John Sartor, Director

Canton Michigan

When the animated musical Frozen skated into the multiplex in 2013, it grossed a record-breaking $1.27 billion in cold cash. The numbers speak for themselves. Now look at what Evalino Productions has done with the stage musical, Frozen Jr – it’s a holiday miracle.  Now on stage at the Village Theatre in Canton is John Sartor’s amazing musical for children, and it’s bigger than life. There are over 50 children, 200 costumes by Leigh-Anna Rischer-Valdes, a thousand background scenes, full orchestra recorded on a sound track, and a sold-out, giant theatre filled with patrons who support Sartor unconditionally.

There are no words to explain how overwhelming this production is. How do you get over 50 children, many who are only 4 years old, on stage, singing and dancing and getting their lines straight for a full-blown musical? The demand to be in a Sartor show has always been crazy. Even tots who were to too shy to look at him on day one were running up to him and ready to tell their entire life story by show time. I believe the fact that both Sartor and Rebecca Paul (Producer) are parents of young children themselves is one of the secrets to success – they know both the limits and the potential inside these little budding actors.

The spectacular backgrounds truly enriched this show. These magnificent projections brought us to Norway without having to leave our seats.  “Arendelle” is technically a fictional place, but the name appears to be Norwegian. The real city of Arendal is a port on Norway’s southern coast. (Hans’s status as a prince of the “Southern Isles” is certainly a wink to Arendal.) The look and feel of Arendelle, however, is clearly based on the city of Bergen, in Norway’s western fjordlands. I have been to Bergen numerous times, and my ancestry is Scandinavian. I can relate to this land easily.  Sartor’s interpretation of Viking life is spot on. I like the way Evalino Productions let the animated backgrounds and the orchestral sound track do their work so the directors could spend the bulk of their time coaching the children to give their best performance.

We were impressed by Aubrey McCurdy, the actress and voice of Queen Elsa (for the Frosty cast). She had excellent poise and enunciation. Hitting the notes in this musical is a difficult task, but Aubrey triumphed and can be very proud of herself for her accomplishment.  The dress transformation at the end of act one was worth the ticket alone.  It is seamless and magical.  Emily Jane Smith challenged the cast with her choreography, and the hard work paid off. The passion, as any show John Sartor is involved with, has turned this 70 minute, one-act junior musical into a full stage production.

This Production is a Main Stage Event at The 400 Seat Village Theatre of Canton.

DIRECTOR: John Sartor
COSTUME DESIGNER: Leigh-Anne Risher Valdes

  • Performance Dates:
  • Wednesday, November 27th @ 7:30pm
  • Friday, November 29th @ 7:30pm
  • Saturday, November 30th @ 4:30 and 7:30pm
  • Get Tickets

Evalino Productions Presents the Cast of Disney’s Frozen Jr.

Frosty:                                                                                                                            Frigid:

Youngest Elsa… Neha Singh                                                                                         Youngest Elsa …. Marianna Vespa

Young Elsa… Antoninette Yalo                                                                                       Young Elsa… Rachael Childers

Middle Elsa… E’Leena Bullock (L’il Janet)                                                                          Middle Elsa… Elise Detgen

Elsa… Aubrey McCurdy                                                                                                 Elsa… Madeline Dineen

Youngest Anna… Emsley Paul                                                                                      Youngest Anna… Kaylee Brackney

Young Anna…Maddy Gorczyca                                                                                     Young Anna… Lucy Olex

Middle Anna… Autumn Paul                                                                                        Middle Anna… Josi Middaugh

Anna… Rachel Garr                                                                                                    Anna… Lucy Dineen

King Agnarr… Sammy Gharbia                                                                                   King Agnarr…Sammy Gharbia

Queen Iduna… Katie Temple                                                                                      Queen Iduna… Lauren Adis

Pabbie… Gage Matthews                                                                                            Pabbie… Nora Smith

Bulda… Brianna Hodge                                                                                               Bulda… Calise Romero

Bishop… Gianna Kharsa                                                                                             Bishop… Gianna Kharsa

Kristoff… Cooper Dettman                                                                                          Kristoff… Jack Smith

Sven… Caroline Valdes                                                                                                Sven… Reed Koesel

Hans… Vincenzo Cocciolone                                                                                        Hans… Isaac Childers

Weselton… Zach Farnsworth                                                                                      Weselton… Zach Farnsworth

Olaf… Evan Sartor                                                                                                       Olaf… Logan Larocque

Oaken… Laura Figliuolo                                                                                                   Oaken… Elaina Braun

Steward/Oaken Family 4…                                                                                       Steward/Oaken Family 4…

Anastasia Mangan                                                                                                        Madeline Varton


Housekeeper… Beatrice Soriano

Butler… Laura Figliuolo

Butler… Elaina Braun

Handmaiden… Mary Smith

Cook… Lauren Kudla

Townsperson/Oaken Family 1… Mariam Nasser

Townsperson/Oaken Family 2… Jordyn Holly

Townsperson/Oaken Family 3… Chloe Walk

Townsperson/Featured Ensemble… Eva Mangan

Townsperson/ Featured Ensemble… Kristen Koty

Hidden Folk/Featured Ensemble… Anna Brackney

Hidden Folk/Featured Ensemble… Eleana Olds

Hidden Folk/Featured Ensemble… Hailey Bretzlaff

Hidden Folk/Featured Ensemble… Grace Monty

Hidden Folk/Featured Ensemble Grant Cuthbert

Hidden Folk/Featured Ensemble… Raelynn Barker

Featured Ensemble… Lauren Kudla


Additional upcoming Evalino Productions include:

– Auditions for David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross: December 9th and 10th at The Village Theatre from 6:30 – 10:00pm.  The play runs February 14, 15 and 16  2020 and will rehearse twice a week.  Women will also be given the opportunity to deliver “Mamet Speak” dialogue characterized by a cynical, caustic, street-smart edge.  There will be two rotating casts. One will be male and the other female.

– “Evalino Showrunners” This musical production will run the weekend of May 9th 2020, with auditions occurring in February 2020.  The title will soon be announced.

– A Chorus Line August 21, 22, 23  2020

– The Rocky Horror Show – October 30 and 31 2020 The venue will be announced.

– Les Miserables “Student Edition” – November 25, 27, 28  2020t

Evalino Productions held an audition workshop/video session last summer which sold out 25 students in one day.  They are hosting a full musical theatre/video session workshop June 15-19, 2020 with a performance on June 20th, at Plymouth Rock Recording Studio.  Sign up will begin New Year’s day on the Evalino Productions Facebook Page.  Complete details with a list of professional instructors will be posted soon.

Stay connected on the Evalino Productions Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EvalinoProductions/

Photos courtesy of Evalino Productions

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