How To Get Traffic

While we try to promote all articles on HVY, there are many steps you can take individually to increase traffic to your articles. Here are the most important steps you can take:

1. Make sure your Yoast score is “Green”. You can find the Yoast feature below the edit field of a post. Chose a good keyword and let Yoast help you to get more SEO juice.

2. Link to your articles on from other sites you write for. Try to write something relevant on HVY for the other sites you write for, and give the link back to HVY a meaning. (Random links back to HVY do not have a function.)

3. Promote your own articles in your social media channels.

4. Ensure that your titles are engaging, use emotional words and power words. Read more on titles here:

5. The longer time you can get your readers to stay on your article, the higher Google will rank it (and the more traffic you will get). Try to add rich media like videos and tweet embeds that are relevant.

6. The more comments a story gets the more traffic the story can generate. Google might increase the search and referral traffic as the article is more engaging.

7. When writing an article, link to other articles on and to other serious publications or websites. Try to have a least two inbound links and two outbound links.

8. Great images engage the readers. You can find great images by searching for Creative Commons, or use Wikimedia images.

9. Write unique content. The more unique and interesting your story is, the more traffic it can potentially generate.

10. Great articles above 500 words tend to get the most SEO traffic from Google. An in-depth piece is in most cases ranked higher unless it is a breaking story.

11. The more traffic your articles get, the higher your author profile will rank on, which in terms could lead to more traffic.