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Before posting your first article, please update your profile picture by going to “Your Profile” in the admin area, in the Avatar section at the bottom of the page. It must be at least 300px wide and 300px high. You should also update your bio.

You can save your settings at the bottom of the page, by pushing the ‘Update Profile’ button.

Choose Main Category

Chose the main category that you focus on by checking the section “Main Category” when editing your profile. This way, users can filter through journalists based on their favorite categories.

Short Description

Please include a short description of what you will/are covering on in 90 signs or less. This will be shown under the top list on the homepage, below your name. It will make it easier for readers to learn about your writing.

Creating a new password

You can create a new password for your account, we strongly recommend to use the auto-generated password.


On the left side menu, you can access all your posts and add publish new ones.

If you are not familiar with WordPress editor, you can find a detailed guide following this link


On the left side menu, click on Post Pay Counter and you will get access to your articles’ viewership stats and revenues. Once you have made more than $100 from HVY, you can click the “Request Payment” button that will appear and we will forward your payment to your PayPal account.


First off, Google is your friend. The best traffic you can get is from Google. We advise you to read and understand the following articles (don’t mind the “Get your website added to Google News”-information, focus on what Google wants from the articles below):

  1. How to Get Your Website Added to Google News and Drive Real-Time Traffic
  2. 11 Google News Tips To Increase Ranking, Visibility And Traffic
  3. 55 Easy Ways To Write A Headline That Will Reach Your Readers


It is important that your articles are in-depth if they are to compete with the rest of the World Wide Web. Here are some quick guidelines:

  • Your article must be unique
  • Try to include other sources and link to their original content
  • Try to interlink between your articles on HVY and link to and from articles on other news sites you write for (the more backlinks your HVY articles get, the higher they are ranked on Google).
  • Try to write in-depth articles with as much detailed information as possible. Always strive to write above 450 words. The best-performing articles on Google have from 500 to 2,000 words.
  • Include visual media, like tweet embeds, youtube videos, and similar media. The longer you can get each reader to stay interested in your article, the higher it will rank on Google.
  • Try to lead the writer to post a comment on your article. From our own research at, we have experienced that the more comments and engagement an article gets, the more traffic we receive Google.
  • Remember to choose one to two categories for your article. And add one to a maximum of 5 tags. Tags should always be proper nouns.


Images are a great way to make your article come to life. However, you need to use images that are not restricted. You cannot take an image from e.g. CNBC and post it as your own on HVY. What you can do is to search for images on Google that are labeled for reuse, or use creative commons. You are also allowed to copy images from “” if you see some that fit your need. HVY and CCN are operated by the same company, Hawkfish AS, which got the necessary licenses for these images.

Important: Always add a credit to your images with a description/name of the original source in the caption area. Example: Image from Shutterstock. 

If you lack good images, you can always reach out to Pamela and she can try to find an image or two for your article.

Tip: Try to only do “Full Size” of the images you post in your article. That setting tends to look better than other sizes.


We recommend all journalists on HVY to use (the online service or as a browser application) frequently to check for spelling and grammar mistakes.


For each journalist you refer to HVY, you are eligible for a $50 bonus. Read more here.


While we want to protect free speech and have minimal editorial restrictions, there are still a few topics we won’t allow on HVY. The following topics are not allowed on HVY:

  • Racist Content
  • Homophobic Content
  • Hate Speech
  • Sexual Content
  • Personal Attacks
  • Religious Propaganda
  • Political Propaganda
  • False content and / or accusations that are not backed up by legitimate sources.
  • Promotional content

If our editors find content that is in breach of these restrictions, we will contact the journalist and ask them to remove the content. Multiple breaches of these restrictions can increase the journalist’s chance to be blocked from using HVY.

Read our Terms & Conditions here.