Organic Traffic on An Overview of April and May 2019

organic traffic on
An overview of organic traffic on from April to May 2019. Image from Shutterstock.

I’m glad to see that some journalists and writers on are able to get quite an amount of organic traffic. It was harder in March when the site ( was brand new and had very little content. Today, journalists on HVY have posted more than 904 articles, and the first journalists laid down the hardest work (thank you!). 904 articles are an astonishing number and will help writers to rank higher and higher on Google. The more content has, the better our chances are to be promoted on Google.

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Going forward, I’ll share key numbers and stats from Google Analytics for everyone to view and research. I’ll try to do this every month.

April and May 2019

In total, 43 000 unique visitors came from organic traffic alone with 65 000 pageviews. Organic traffic is by far the best traffic a site can have, also when it comes to CPM/CTR on ads.

Google Analytics stats of organic traffic on from April to May 2019

There are a few articles that do very well on HVY, and those articles are the more specific posts about specific events. For example film reviews, series reviews, or sports recaps. The more specific a journalist is, with his/her title and content, the more likely it is to be featured on Google for that search term.

Tips for bringing in organic traffic:

  1. Unique title with power words – focus on the first 3 words and the last 3 words
  2. Utilize our Yoast plugin for all it’s worth
  3. Create engaging content with rich content like youtube embeds and tweets.
  4. If you write for other sites, link back to your own unique content on HVY. The more backlinks, the higher SEO authority
  5. Images: Find great images that you can use as a featured image and in-content image. Remember to rename the image with your post’s SEO keywords and add an alt text to your image.
  6. Write at least 400 words or more per article.
  7. Ensure your article is error free, use

View the full list from Google Analytic’s organic traffic results of April and May 2019 here: