Beards Are Still Very Trendy

Luc Meilleur showcasing his thick well-groomed beard.

Usually the first indication that a boy is going through puberty is the sight of hair growing on their cheeks and chin. He is presented with two choices — shave it, or grow a beard.

And if the numbers of men sporting beards around campus is any indication, more of them are choosing that last option. But as many sizes and colors of beards there are, keeping them groomed is something their owners all have in common.

“Typically you have to make sure it fits the face in an attractive way,” said Francois Belanger, a hairstyling student in his fourth-year. Belanger does beard trims and haircuts in the college salon located in room A107.

If you are unsure what style to go for when growing your beard, Belanger has said to comb your beard first to see what would need to be trimmed. Once trimmed you will see your beard starting to take shape.

Beard oil is also recommended to help with keeping your skin hydrated and beard moisturized. Beard oil can also be used to style your beard as well. While it is good to use beard oil, you must remember not to use too much or your face will get oily.

If you are looking to get a bit creative, you are also able to style your moustache. You can do so by combing it daily to train it to grow in a specific direction.

One thing important to know is that, “Your beard can’t grow if it doesn’t grow there,” said Belanger. Hair grows from follicles and if there are no follicles then they won’t grow.

Luc Meilleur is an apprentice auto technician at the college and he has been growing his thick well-groomed beard for over a year.

“Always wanted one, finally stuck to it after a couple tries,” he said. Meilleur combs his beard and trims it regularly but “my girlfriend won’t let me grow it too long; she’s a barber.”

With a shorter and well-trimmed beard, Zak Abdulwanab, a first-year business adminstration student, has been growing his beard for two years but likes to keep it nice and short.

“Makes you look more mature,” said Abdulwanab, who trims his beard every two weeks when he goes in for a haircut.