Mr Rowe’s Review – Hong Ha Bakery


One of the pure joys of going to the bakery to get the staples – milk and bread for Mum – was the chance to also get a Vietnamese Bahn Mi from one of the many Vietnamese bakeries littered all over Sydney’s inner-west. So I again recently found myself having to buy milk and bread, and some bread rolls, so I made sure my visit to a bakery was to one of the Vietnamese kind so I could indulge in the crunchy french bread, filled with delicious fillings that only a Bahn Mi can offer.

Hong Ha bakery in Sydney’s Mascot offers the Bahn Mi that gives this bread roll snack it’s popularity among casual, and discerning diners alike. The bahn mi typically includes a crunchy long roll, with classic French influences such as mayonnaise, and pate, and takes the best of Vietnamese ingredients such as coriander, cucumber, carrot, red onion, and one helluva punch of red chili. The roll is typically packed with pork meats, or chicken meat. This snack is one seriously tasty roll that is admired and adored at lunchtime, or as a quick mid-afternoon snack.

Hong Ha is on Botany Road in Mascot, and the line up of customers out the front illustrates that this bakery is rated as one of Sydney’s best Bahn Mi Vietnamese bakeries.

Originally published at Global Tucker Bag.