ALL ANIMALS KNOW: Differences can still allow for true friendship


My dog and one of my cats are truly best friends. The dog chases the cat, the cat hides and then jumps out at the dog, the dog “attacks” the dog, the cat runs after the dog and swats her from behind. When that is all over, they sleep, side-by-side, happy as they can be, looking to each other for security and friendship.

In a world full of many different races, ethnicities and religions, humans can often have trouble seeing the good in something different.  All animals understand that true friendship and loyalty can come between any creature, so long as you give it a chance.

This friendship can come even more so from shelter animals.  Often times, they seem to have a heightened sensitivity to love, comradery and companionship.  I’m always blown away by some of the hard circumstances’ animals have had, whether having been abandoned, abused or starved.  Still, it is these animals which have that
innate understanding and love for all are still able to give it to others

Many years ago, I had an old dog, Missy, that we had found walking down the road.  She was an absolute delight, full of love and compassion for every creature.  In her older years, I wanted to get another friend for her, but something that wouldn’t be rough since Missy had gotten frail.

In comes Poptart, a long-haired Daschund puppy mill mommy. Scared out of her mind, Poptart was afraid for every step.  Missy took her in quickly and showed her how great it could all be with an open mind and heart.  She didn’t care how scared our confused Poptart was, she just wanted to be a friend.  Those two quickly became best buddies and helped each other immensely.

I remember all that they each gave one another (and me) and realize that when we forget to have opinions or attitudes, we can also provide that for all. Both having been from questionable beginnings, they used each other to take the most out of their life, to form an unending friendship to the end and to have as much fun as they could while they
were here.  We can all use a little more of that in this world.  See the good in
others, enjoy the differences and love life!

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Jamie Wallace
Having a first degree in Journalism (Ohio University) and a second in Animal Science (University of Florida), I’ve devoted my entire professional career to animals in one capacity, or another. Since 1994, I have been professionally employed in the equine industry in many varying positions. In my past position as a University of Florida/IFAS Marion County Extension Agent, I solely conceptualized, marketed and developed water quality/natural resources education/outreach program for the equine industry. Articles were routinely written betwen 2010-2016 for trade journals, such as Florida Horse and The Horse Capital Digest, to educate and enhance individual farm consultations. When not currently riding or playing with my pets, I have an equine business consulting service that improves everything from the books to the barn, improving the bottom line, marketing and the facility. I have recently started my own blog, Please join! Also, check out my Facebook page: . My goal is to educate about how much true happiness and pure love my animals have brought me (and continue to bring), and enlighten those on how very much adoption will change their life, as it has changed mine.