Get Outside and Have Fun!


Ok, so I have lived in Virginia for the past two+, after 21 years in beautiful, sunny and WARM Florida. I miss the heat, but VA is a very sunny, beautiful state, so with MANY layers I have been able to prevail. The really cool thing is that last year I started fox hunting and have gone out several times over some of the most amazing and picturesque countryside imaginable. Truly, the gorgeous farms, horses and hounds, the rolling hills and sunny days made fox hunting on cool and sunny days some of the most beautiful and fun days for me. (And the post-hunt breakfast was always great, too)😊

One of the best gifts that horses have given me and helped to instill is my love for the outdoors.   Think about it, when we go to all of these “theme parks”, we go to “made up worlds” that only try to do as good a job as nature does herself.  Humans fail miserably, but we do try our best to mimic all the beauty and pure joy that nature makes each day. Who doesn’t love being outside, with a nice, warming sun on your back to keep you happy as you are riding down the road, boating, playing outside with your kids, or friends, or whatever?

My old mare, Tess, loved that sun.  She would be out in August, laying in a sand pit, just soaking up the sun, happy as could be. I used to love to get her on those days. Seeing her “sunning herself”, then watching her get up when I called her name, give me her typical “little winnie” to say hello, pee, (yes, this was always part of the routine) and then canter up  to see me.  I made  me smile every time.

Horses and dogs, too, really make us all appreciate the outside.  I mean, we HAVE to get outside to truly enjoy them, play with them and just have fun.  Certainly, I do NOT like riding in the rain, mucking too many stalls or shoveling snow, but I just love the fact that I get to be outside so much because of them.  And, when the weather is good, it truly is a gift.

Some of the most fun stuff in the world is riding outside on a beautiful day, cantering along, seeing beautiful fall leaves, a wonderful countryside, or enjoying the sun on your back.  It used to be a real treat for me when my old dog, Butthead, used to come on all my trail rides with me.  We would have a blast galloping up and down hills, jumping over any logs or stuff in our way.  Just think of how fit we both were getting AND we were having the time of our lives! LOL

It drives me nuts today that all kids want to do is play video games and be on their phones.  It’s like they don’t even notice that the outdoor exists!  I worry so much about how this world will be in the future, now that kids don’t just get out and play and use their bodies anymore.  Please, take some great advice from horses (and our other furry friends). Get out and play with your pets, or kids, enjoy the sun, or the fall, or whatever.   Just have fun!!

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Jamie Wallace
Having a first degree in Journalism (Ohio University) and a second in Animal Science (University of Florida), I’ve devoted my entire professional career to animals in one capacity, or another. Since 1994, I have been professionally employed in the equine industry in many varying positions. In my past position as a University of Florida/IFAS Marion County Extension Agent, I solely conceptualized, marketed and developed water quality/natural resources education/outreach program for the equine industry. Articles were routinely written betwen 2010-2016 for trade journals, such as Florida Horse and The Horse Capital Digest, to educate and enhance individual farm consultations. When not currently riding or playing with my pets, I have an equine business consulting service that improves everything from the books to the barn, improving the bottom line, marketing and the facility. I have recently started my own blog, Please join! Also, check out my Facebook page: . My goal is to educate about how much true happiness and pure love my animals have brought me (and continue to bring), and enlighten those on how very much adoption will change their life, as it has changed mine.