• Area 51 is Not A Star Trek Convention, It’s an Air Force Base:

Area 51 the Secretive Air Force Base in the Nevada Desert, the Raid is planned for September 21, 2019. The Idea was started as a Facebook event by internet jokers and as a result, went viral. The latest numbers indicate that 1.3 million people are planning to attend the event.

  • Many Celebrities Pledging To Join The Fun:

Celebrities like Chuck Norris, Keane Reeves, and Danny Devito, among others have claimed they will be going.

  • Here Are A Few Of The Memes Which Seem To Be Free-flowing, Including A Tweet From The President:

Area 51 memes

  • Hears a Scary Story:

I used to work in Area 51 | DO NOT GO TO THE AREA 51 RAID! | This is a Reddit NO SLEEP post, by no means can I verify any of this information to be factual.  Link to original story:, This is typical of the kind of stories you hear about Area 51.

  • Consider Some Of The New Weapon Systems That Guys Like Me Have Heard Off but Don’t Understand Very Well:

One guy in a Facebook group I was a part of was in the Air Force and warned of weapons the would cause you to collapse, pass out, and Sh*t yourself. I had an instructor in Technical college who worked at a defense contractor. He worked on a strobe light system that would convince your mind you were moving foreword, while you were standing still. That was in the ’60s, what are they doing now?

There are no such thing as Naruto runners that I’ve ever heard of, that would be someone who is able to outrun bullets.

  • The Air Force Plans To Vigorously Defend There Base:

The Department of Defense issued many warnings and telling people not to go, It’s gone from the humerus to very scary. I fear all the young lives that would be lost like playing with fire, you’re gonna get burned.

If you will please allow me to leave you with one last video.