• Big Things Happening In Sarasota FL:

In this day of moving enterprises and great competition, any town could qualify for a major production to come through.

California is not the only place productions are made, the Los Angeles sound stage system is upside down, mainly because of how expensive it is.

Here is a quick video of what is happening in Sarasota:

  • Opportunities Found All Over The Country:

Here is another video about Louisianna and Texas, The move is on and the competition is fierce in the U.S. and all over the world.

  • How California is Trying To Keep Productions In The Golden State:

There is an online manual available through the California Film Comision or the (CVC), which seeks to keep the productions there in California. They call productions outside California as runaway productions.https://youtu.be/gRY078DysVI

There is an opportunity for all of us here, to create and be a part.

  • What is Local Film Development:

The CVC manual linked to above offers this definition;

“The primary goal of your community will be to attract film production. Increased local revenues, temporary jobs and increased use of local services and supplies are some of the direct benefits your community may experience. Secondary goals include stronger local business and increasing the exposure that may encourage other industries, such as tourism, to invest in local development.

  • And Continuers:

The goals of film development may be included with those goals your community establishes for other forms of temporary services such as fairs, special events, fundraisers, and convention business. Film development can also allow a community to revive weak businesses or use closed factories or warehouses.”

  • This Is Possible In Any Town:

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Arizona like me or anywhere the opportunity is there.

And get ready for an amazing adventure, no matter where you live, you can get involved.