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Standard Tuition is too high
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A great way to save some green:

Future Learn Has Top Universities from around the world teaching a wide range of Courses. Classes can be taken in there entirety free, and if you pay a relatively small fee. get a transcript with the school, and right now $269 a year for, unlimited classes.

Another thing is the high cost of general education credits:

StraighterLine offers unlimited General Education classes for 99.00 a month or and 59.00 each course. They have 100+ partner colleges and Accreditation that allows 2,000+ other schools to consider credit. Also testing out for credit available, save up to 60% overall, General Education for transfer only.

A very low priced way to get degree’s and Certificates and build a resume.

Degree’s and certificates are offered in a nice list of categories. Not Only arts and media, but the high cost of education has also created a student loan crises. In the United States. 1 million people default on their student loans each year. Nearly 40 percent of are going to default on their student loans by 2023. According to stats.

Find success with Certificate of Achievement:

Get a good job with a good company in the art department. You could get there with a degree or earn 8 different art certificates, in web design, photography, videography, desktop publishing, art design, painting, etc.

A degree isn’t alway’s what a career needs, but education can be money well spent. A good deal is always nice to find, major debt is no way to start a life or career.

More Schools of interest:

  1. Great Basin College, 2805.00 annually, accredited by the NWCCU.
  2. Brigham Young University-Idaho, $3830 annually, operated by the LDS Church.
  3. UT at Permian Basin, $5250 annually, (UTOC) offers 19 of the cheapest accelerated online degrees, some of which only last 8 weeks.
    Source for the full list.

The value of an education:

Columbia college offers half the cost of a standard degree. but still a cost of about 28K a year after Aid.

Also a host of schools offering half-priced education, and unlimited classes for one annual cost.

A postsecondary credential has never been more important:

In today’s economy, higher education is no longer a luxury for the privileged few, but a necessity for individual economic opportunity and America’s competitiveness in the global economy. At a time when jobs can go anywhere in the world, skills and education will determine success for individuals and for nations. As a result, a college education remains the best investment a student can make in his or her future. Quoted US Department of Education.