I was a huge fan of Heats Of Space, it truly was music for dweebs. They shut down operations in 2001 and sold their label. Here is an example of a 1-hour episode. In San Franciso as the record business lost a lot of ground.

Here is A Statement from the Website:

HEARTS of SPACE  began as a San Francisco late-night radio show in 1973, went national on public radio in 1983 and to our eternal amazement, grew to almost 300 stations. Despite our success, it was hard to make a living in public radio, so we started an independent record label in 1984, ultimately releasing almost 150 albums.

It was a lot of fun, but by 2001 the clouds were gathering over the record business, so we launched an online music streaming service with 700 (now over 1100) programs —The Hearts of Space Archive. That same year we sold the record label to Valley Entertainment. While we still occasionally help produce new recordings for the label, we no longer run it day-to-day.

Valley Entertainment still seems to exist as a company, If you are an indy Artist you might see if they take submissions.

If You Know Your History:

Those of us from Northern California, back in the day this was first known as Valley Records and eventually Valley Media, I used to work as an order handler in cassettes and Video Cassettes, packing and shipping those.

That’s just what I think though I couldn’t verify that from the website.

How can I submit music to Hearts of Space?

RADIO: If your music is already released on CD and you’d like to submit it for airing on the radio program, send one CD along with your one sheet and press/promo information to

454 Las Gallinas #333,

Please mark the outside of the package ATTN: RADIO.

Your best bet would be to contact Vally Entertainment.