• Beyond Meat Has Plant-Based Products To Copy Chicken, Beef, And Pork:

Guess what has happened to the meat companies using mostly Beans and rice to mimic the stuff, that’s what.

Wall Street investors love the Idea, And Though Beyond Meat as a company may not be profitable yet, investors love the idea.

Beyond Meat Started in 2012 with the idea of saving animals and the environment, here is a video on its success.

  • The Imposable Foods Impossible Burger Is Also Gaining Ground:

Here is a statement from the website: “We discovered what makes the meat taste like meat. Then we figured out how to make meat from plants. Impossible Burger is our first product, made from plants for people who love ground beef — with the same flavor, aroma, and nutrition you know and love. Delicious, nutritious, and all-around better.”

All this is making me wonder more than hungry, will we be eating only meatless in the future.

  • Will The Future Of Meat Be Gwown In A Lab:

This is the part that really makes you wonder, should people be eating meat grown in a lab. Is it food or straight-up technology.

We know so little of the ingredients in the food we eat already, its like the comedian said,” if you throw it a Frisby, and it bounces off its head, then its Lunch.”

As an opinion, I feel over-processed food is already a problem, and this is taking things to new levels. I mean what’s next techno.logy is getting so out there, even Sci-Fi movies are having trouble predicting crazy stuff in the future.

What we need if fake alcohol that won’t kill you like in Star Treck, Sinthahol I think they called it.

Watch this video on just foods in San Francisco.

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